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Soy Soybeans Testosterone

Soy – Let’s clear up some stuff about Soy

Soybeans (soy) originate from East Asia and are a type of legumes (i.e. peas, beans, lentils). They are being produced all over the world and the soybeans in Queal are from within the European Union (EU). We use toasted full-fat soy flour. It's (like all our other...

Protein in Queal

Protein – Why Queal is High in Protein

Why Queal is High in Protein Hello awesome person! Today I’d like to talk about protein. I have received several interesting questions from customers regarding the quantity of protein in Queal, and about its effects on the body. I also want to debunk a myth that...


Potassium – Not only in Potatoes

Potassium - Find me on the periodic table Potassium is also known as Kalium. It's one of the nutrients that you can find on the periodic table. For everyone who wants to know, the atomic number is 19. The name is derived from potash, the ashes...

Fluoride – Brushing your Teeth

This Week's Nutrient: Fluoride!   Fluoride is a trace element mineral. You need only a very small amount of it. Fluoride is important in preventing tooth decay. In its pure Fluor form, it is a poisonous gas. Bonded to another element like calcium or sodium, it is...

Fat Facts

Fats Facts

Fats Facts In general, when you ask people about what they know about fats in food, their response is simply: “They’re bad for you.” That’s a gross oversimplification of course. The truth is a lot more nuanced and complicated. There are various different types of fat,...

Biotin Food Energy

Biotin – Extracting Energy from Food

This Week's Nutrient: Biotin! I’ve written about Choline, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Selenium, Potassium, Niacin, and Vitamin D before. This time I’ll take a look at Biotin.   Source: Wikipedia   So, What Is It? Biotin is also known as Vitamin B8 (B7 in Germany and the USA) or Vitamin H. As with all...

Heavy Metals

About Heavy Metals

Hey there everyone! As you may or may not have heard, Soylent was in the news last weekend, due to some disconcerting findings regarding heavy metals in their Soylent 1.5 recipe. Levels of Lead and Cadmium much higher than considered "safe" were found in two separate...

Manganese Nutrient

Manganese – The Co-Factor Mineral

Hello awesome person! Another month has come and gone. Today I’d like to talk about Manganese. I have received an interesting question from a couple customers regarding Manganese, and because the answer is both extensive and interesting, I thought it’d warrant a science-y blog-post!   Manganese is...


Niacin – Just Good for You

Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3 Niacin is also known as Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin PP, or Vitamin B3. The name is derived from nicotinic acid + vitamin (not to be confused with nicotine, which it's not).  It's one of the essential human nutrients. Niacin is very important for...


Thiamine – The First B Vitamin (and fighter of Korsakoff’s Syndrome)

Thiamine is also known as Thiamin, Vitamin B1, or Aneurin. The name comes from thio-vitamin, which in turn means sulfur-containing vitamin. Fun fact, the most well-known form of thiamine (thiamine pyrophosphate, TPP) is required in the first step of alcoholic fermentation.   It is mostly ingested through...