Niacin – Just Good for You

Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3

Niacin is also known as Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin PP, or Vitamin B3. The name is derived from nicotinic acid + vitamin (not to be confused with nicotine, which it’s not).  It’s one of the essential human nutrients. Niacin is very important for the energy regulation in your body. Aside from this, Niacin is important in the creation of fatty acids in the body.


It can be found in meats, fish, whole grain products, vegetables, and potatoes. You will not find your daily recommended amount in eggs (unless you eat 180 per sitting), but every three pints of beer will top you up on niacin.


A lack of niacin can lead to skin conditions, diarrhoea, scurvy, and dementia. This is also where the name vitamin P-P comes from, pellagra-preventive. A shortage of niacin is next to impossible. The body can self-regulate its niacin levels up to a point by transforming amino acid tryptophan, which is a building block of proteins.


An overdose of Niacin (in nicotinamide form) could lead to liver- and eye-damage. This also is fairly unlikely, as you would need to ingest at least 56 times the recommended daily amount (900mg).



Where does the Niacin come from?

The official RDA recommendation from the EFSA is 16 milligram.
Queal holds 19,15mg of Niacin, an RDA of 120%.

This organic vitamin comes both from the soy- and oat flour, and is supplemented in the vitamin mix in the form of Nicotinamide.


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