Queal 3.0

Queal 3.0

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You’ve likely come here to learn all about our latest update to the Queal recipe; Queal 3.0

This blog will describe the changes as compared with Queal 2.0, our recipe for the past few months. It’ll discuss the nutritional-, as well as the texture- and taste differences. Of course, there is nothing like trying it out for yourself, so I implore you to go to our webshop and just buying Queal to try it for yourself. All orders placed starting now will receive Queal 3.0!

Update: We now sell Queal 4.0, you can find all the nutritional information here.


General features

Queal 3.0 is now oil-free! Well, technically, the oil is still there, it is just implemented into the powder, which means no more need for a separate bottle. The oil is impregnated into the powder using a coating technique. An antioxidant (rosemary extract) was added to the recipe to sustain the quality of the powder over a longer period of time. Antioxidants are also good for you, so that’s an added bonus!

We’ve left the best-before date at 12 months, but in theory, an unopened bag of Queal 3.0 will stay perfectly good for at least two years. The new bags will ensure a good airtight seal when kept unopened.

Lastly, all flavours are now achieved using natural flavouring, and it tastes fantastic. More about that further down.


Queal 3.0 Bags


We started from scratch with Queal 3.0, re-sourcing all our ingredients to find the best fit for our vision of the recipe. The core ingredients stayed the same: Oat-flour/powder, Maltodextrin, Whey Protein, and Soy Flour. All sourced from the EU, and with the highest possible quality standards.

Compared to Queal 2.0, Queal 3.0 has the following macro-nutrient changes:

Variant Protein Fats Carbohydrates Fibres
2100kcal No change 16% less No change 13% more
1800kcal 2% more 15% less No change 18% more
2400kcal 2% more 10,5% less 12% more 14% more
Active™ 1% more 17,5% less 4% more 17% more


Compared to Queal 2.0, Queal 3.0 has a much more precisely tuned micro-nutrient profile. By using a custom designed mineral- and vitamin blend added to the naturally occurring micro-nutrients in the macro-ingredients, we were able to produce a recipe adhering to the Recommended Daily Amounts (RDAs) of all necessary nutrients with laser-precision.

We’re still tinkering with the new website, which will allow you to view every single aspect of all variant-recipes in minute detail. Naturally, we will also make our recipe available through DIY.Soylent.me to adhere to our values of Transparency and Trust. Expect this to go live sometime next week!


Flavour- and texture

Here’s where the real magic has been happening. We put a lot of effort into providing tasty shakes, as we believe good nutrition should be tasty, as well as convenient. Queal 3.0 is a revelation in terms of flavour and texture.

Some people took notice of a grittiness or rough texture in Queal 2.0. We have made significant strides in reducing this particulate matter from our powders. The result is a much smoother and more soluble drink.

All flavours have been given a significant upgrade as well. Especially the new Awesome Apple Pie and Crazy Chocolate Peanut flavours have become instant favourites among our taste-testing groups. All tastes are the result of all-natural flavouring, and the results are instantaneously noticeable.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and created both more pronounced, as well as more subdued flavours. For those looking for plain Queal with a pleasant hint of flavouring, we’d suggest Smooth Vanilla or Cool Chocolate. Super Strawberry, Banana Mania or Funky Forest Fruit are for the more sweet-toothed individuals. And the aforementioned Awesome Apple Pie and Crazy Chocolate Peanut might be interesting if you want something leaning towards savoury.

Of course, the best thing to do would be to purchase a Taste Tester, and get a sense for all the flavours again. They’ve all been improved significantly!

We are looking into trying out some limited edition (savoury?) flavours in the short term.

All in all, we are really proud of this new iterative step forwards in our Queal development. As always, we will continue to improve and adapt to you, our customer, and your excellent feedback. You can contact us at any time for questions or comments.


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