How to eat healthy at work?

May 7th 2019

Well-balanced, healthy meals and snacks at work are the key to productivity. Especially when you work at an office, sit most of the day and have to keep your mental focus.

If you’re the kind of person that regularly skips lunch, work on for hours without a proper break or regularly orders something quick but not that healthy: you'll surely benefit from this concept called Complete Foods.

Tell me more!

Complete Foods are a name for quick meals that are nutritionally complete: they contain a balanced ratio of macronutrients thus make sure you don’t end up either feeling sleepy or hyper after your desk lunch. Then, what makes them really complete is the fast all 27 essential vitamins and minerals are present. Here at Queal, a Dutch-based company developing and selling these kinds of meals, we offer shakes (STEADY), bars (GO) and an instant oatmeal (READY), all really quick to prepare (like 30-seconds quick).

Having breakfast, lunch or any other kind of snack or meal with one of our products will make sure you eat healthy, balanced and complete. All of our products have a long shelf-life and don’t need refrigeration. Thus, they’re super easy to keep at the office!

Why Queal is your next new office meal.

Making it possible to have a quick and healthy desk lunch, which saves you both time and worry. Sounds amazing right? Well, it even gets better: the fact that you now eat healthy at work - while skipping on searching balanced recipes and the time it takes to and prepare a healthy-but-100-ingredient-meal-salad - also makes sure you can in fact leave your desk and go for a walk. Or something else, just a little free time in your break. Finally.

No more searching for healthy foods to eat for lunch at work, but always a quick and complete, nutritious option in your desk drawer. Want to try it? Then head over to our shop and order a STEADY Taste Tester, our discounted Try-out Deal or any other product of your liking!

Change your eating habits, now!