A very healthy but no-cook meal.

February 25th 2019

Tired of planning your groceries, shopping for them and cooking every day? Especially when living on your own, that’s completely understandable! Still, both budget wise and health-wise, it’s not a good idea to order fast food or take out meals every day. Although some menu options could sound like they’re relatively healthy, you do not have control over what exactly is in it.

By cooking, you have. But well, that’s the whole point: you don’t want to.

A true solution.

You simply do not like spending your precious time in the kitchen, and you’ve tried but by now you’re just tired of cooking every day. Have you ever heard about Complete Foods? These kinds of nutritionally complete meals could be your perfect no-cook option.

But what are complete foods?

Complete Foods are all different kinds of meals (like shakes, bars, and instant oatmeal) developed with a somewhat technical perspective: they’re nutritionally complete so contain everything your body needs, but still as time-efficient and effortless as possible.

They are easy meals for people who can’t cook or people too lazy to create a proper meal for themselves. But, of course, Complete Foods can be a perfect solution for singles, tech and food interested and/or busy people in general too.

Our Queal meals (quick + meal) are here to save you time and worries over groceries, cooking and food in general, while still providing your body with every essential nutrient needed.

Want to try it? We offer a Taste Tester package with 7 flavours of our nutritionally complete meal shakes as well as a Try-out Deal, which is a discounted package containing a small bit of our whole product range.

Pick your complete meal!