Prepping meals: how to go from a weekly 5,9 hours to just 8,5 minutes.

February 12th 2019

Taking care of doing groceries, cooking and prepping lunch or breakfast for a household can be quite a struggle, especially when you're (both) working and coming home late is no exception.

Ever wondered how many time we spend on doing groceries and cooking? Spoiler alert: a lot! A lot of valuable time that you could spend in a way more efficient way.

5,9 hours per week.

When it comes to cooking alone, research from 2014 show us that both Britains and Americans spend about 5,9 hours per week cooking. That does not sound like a lot, but it's 50 minutes a day.

And we haven't even talked about the time "wasted" by doing groceries, especially in today's supermarkets. Due to the many choices and overly extant advertisement and marketing, making your way through, pushing your cart from the entrance to check out can almost be compared to a jungle safari.

But then you start looking for alternatives, like ordering groceries online or buying ready to eat meals. Although these might save you time, how do you know that what you're picking is, in fact, healthy? And how do you know those ready-made foods are not too high in salt, saturated fats and/or sugars. And how do they taste, is this the most delicious option you could go for in a hurry?

It could be different.

No, it's not! But don't worry, our meals are what you're looking for instead. Queal offers healthy meal shakes (Steady), bars (Go), and an instant oat meal called "Ready".

Queal meals will serve you with convenience, flavour and healthiness and therefore will save you both time and worries. You can order them online, and all of them can be prepared in 30 seconds or less. If we'd say the ordering will take you 5 minutes, and you would have a Steady shake for dinner every day, then a whole week of prepping dinner will cost you just 8,5 minutes. Quite a win compared to that 5,9 hours we mentioned before, right?

All of our meals are very balanced and by consuming them, you'll be sure to get in every nutrient your body needs. Without having to wonder about the elements of a fast healthy meal yourself. And without missing out on taste. Amazing, right?

Wondering what Queal meal would be perfect for you? Ask our Quealbot for a little help!

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