An easier way for eating vegan on-the-go.

December 28th 2018

Vegan eating on-the-go can be hard sometimes. The very few options fitting your plant based diet are often ridiculously overpriced, and most of the time, you simply do not have the time for “discovering” an accidentally vegan cheaper breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For those tired of quickly scanning all the food labels at a crowded station shop or grocery store, or for when those fast plant based meals or snacks cost you an arm and a leg, vegan complete meal replacements could be a perfect solution

Imagine no more meal prepping or having to think about bringing a vegan meal anywhere you go.

No more expensive vegan food that happens to have a label or weird looks at the cafeteria when you try to explain that you’re avoiding meat, eggs and dairy for health benefits, the environment, animal welfare and/or ethics overall.

No more worries about any possible vitamin- and mineral deficiencies, a protein shortage or those difficult-to-understand but essential amino acids.

Just healthy, quick and nutritionally complete food in the form of a shake or instant oatmeal.Tasty and easy! Queal is here for you.

Check out the Queal vegan range now.