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We can imagine, when you’re on-the-go for most of the time or when you aren’t really a morning person, breakfast is not your favourite meal of the day. Based on the ‘Eating at Work‘ research, carried out by Eurest, skipping breakfast on a regular basis is quite common. Twenty percent of the Dutch employees skip their breakfast frequently, where Swedish employees lead with a percentage of 43.

Not only breakfast but also lunch (time) is decreasing. With an average of 37 minutes lunch break in Europe, and the average break in The Netherlands is dipping under the 30 minutes mark. On the other hand, snacking becomes more popular. 76% of Millenials state they snack during their working days.

Why skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea.

According to our Dutch nutrition authority, Voedingscentrum, it’s important not to skip breakfast. When you wake up, most of the time you haven’t eaten for more than ten hours. Having a good breakfast, is important to get your digestion going. Besides, skipping breakfast results in a quicker feeling of hunger and more chance of buying an unhealthy snack on the go or at your office canteen. Win-win, right?

At Queal, we want to make it more easy to have a good meal. Wherever you go or whenever you want. That’s why we’ve invented GO, a meal in a bar for every moment. A regular breakfast gives you an amount of 300 to 400 kcal. Queal GO Dark Chocolate contains 358 kcal and will cost you €2,50 per bar. That’s less than a Millennial would spend on breakfast/lunch, on average (€2,95).

What’s in GO?
Queal GO is a complete meal. The main ingredients of GO, are:

  • Soy
  • Milk protein
  • Real Chocolate/Cacao

To meet the nutritional needs of your body, we’ve added a custom vitamin and mineral mix.

It’s up to you what meal you want to replace with Queal GO. In theory, you can replace any mealMake sure you don’t have to skip breakfast or lunch ever again.

We’re running a limited pre-sale offer until the 21st of December. You’ll receive a 20% discount per bar, starting from 15 bars (1 box). Head over to the Queal GO page to find out more about the nutrition facts and FAQ’s.


Lieke van Wilpen

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