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How Queal Supports Your Lifestyle!

No matter what you spend your days on, 9-5 behind the computer, working out or coding away. Queal is here to make your life even more convenient. We’ve outlined three ways regular customers can enjoy Queal to support their lifestyle!


1. Cody – Non-stop coding and pizzas


Web development jobs are one of the best places to be if you are looking for a job (<4% unemployment, high salary). But it may not be the very best place for your body. Everyone from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg has some great stories about 72 hours of straight coding, pizzas and litres of mountain dew. Here is how Queal can help your lifestyle.

You don’t have time to cook full meals. Heck, you might even not have cooked for the past few years. All you need for Queal is shaker (or blender) and some water. It takes less than a minute to make and you can even make it one day in advance. So when you go on that coding bender, just make some shakes (on the go). You will be 1) fully  nourished, 2) have energy released evenly throughout the day (no sugar crash), and 3) won’t even have to leave your seat.


2. Megan – Not 9-5, more like 8-6


Although working weeks are getting shorter, many people still work 60+ hours a week. But you don’t want to be at work the whole time, you want to be with your family and friends. In the morning you may have time to make some sandwiches, maybe grab some yoghurt really quickly. Many of these products are far from balanced, leave you hungry for more, and are too high in sugar. What if you could save time and eat a healthy balanced breakfast?


In one minute you can prepare your Queal. Spend your morning time with family and drink Queal during your commute. The same goes for your lunch break, enjoy the ease of Queal and maybe even come back home early. On top of that, you also save money not going to expensive cafeterias and choose your own flavours.


3. John – Hitting the gym 6 times a week


Active people burn more calories than you might guess (up to 3000kcal for males). During your activities (and the rest of the day) you want to stay on top of your game. In addition to a healthy diet, many people already resort to whey/protein shakes. It’s a good start, but what if you could also have your vitamins, minerals and essential fats in the same shake.


With Queal, you can drink a flavoured shake that contains all the essential nutrients you need per day. In our formula, the energy is released slowly to give you the full advantage of balanced sugar and energy levels. So go beyond the proteins and get a full meal in a shake!


Queal supports your lifestyle!


No matter what you do during the day, Queal can support you. It’s fast, healthy and affordable – making it the best bet for your quick meal.

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Floris Wolswijk

MSc in Industrial & Organisational Psychology. Floris has started two companies before. In his student life, he was President of his Study Association and Director of a Student Strategy Consultancy. He participates in obstacle runs and has energy for two. Getting the right things done is what he gets up for in the morning.

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