Savoury Satisfaction – Revolutionary Flavour Updates

Since the start of Queal – 30th of July 2014 – we have continuously been working on the improvement of our products. Additionally, we’ve developed new products to add to our lineup, namely WundrBar and Boost: Calm Focus. Now, three years after our company launch, a much-requested product introduction: Savoury powder flavours! 

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, we’re introducing two savoury Limited Editions. From the 3rd of August onwards, Tasty Tomato and Bangin’ Bacon will be available in our webshop for a limited time only. Starting today, you can pre-order these mouthwatering flavours to make sure you’re among the first to try them! We are thrilled to hear your thoughts on the taste.

So, what’s the deal with Limited Editions?

All our Limited Editions are Standard diet type bags that are available for a limited time only. They have the same complete nutritional profile as any other ‘normal’ Queal Standard bag, with natural flavouring. Usually, based on our customers’ suggestions, Limited Editions are there to try to make everybody’s flavour dreams come true.  Limited Editions, by nature, have a limited stock. However, when a flavour appears to be very popular we consider adding it to our standard lineup. So far this has only happened once, following many requests for making Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness a regular flavour.

Savoury Satisfaction

Questions related to savoury flavours are now being answered! With a gazpacho-inspired tomato & herbs Queal and a salty bacon shake, you’ll be able to switch to savoury if you feel like taking a break from our sweeter flavours.

Do you think you have the best Limited Edition suggestion? Feel free to join the conversation on our forum to keep us inspired. 



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Lieke van Wilpen

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