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June 18th 2020

Everybody wants to grow in life. This could be growing on a personal or professional level. Regardless, we all want to make advancements in life. It has been researched that making progress towards your goals boosts your overall happiness. That sounds easy to do but it is not. Often, on our quest towards our goals, we get distracted. And this impedes us from growing to our full potential. We get distracted by mundane tasks, preventing us from doing what’s important. We get sucked in by the things that don’t even really matter, resulting in that we forget to focus on the things that will lead us to the life we want.

Amplio Coaching is a learning & development company and a proud partner of Queal’s. In order to grow in life, you need to make sure you have the basics covered. And ideally in the most effective way possible. That’s why we’re writing this guest blog for Queal. Queal enables you to 1) spend more time on happiness-inducing activities and 2) minimize energy-consuming activities. Amplio Coaching helps millennials predominately in the tech industry to live their best lives. Queal makes that possible.

Queal, the solution for ambitious millennials.

At Amplio, we talk with millennials about their challenges and how they can choose a path towards their goals. We believe that everybody already has the answers to reach their goals. More than often, millennials know perfectly well how they need to achieve their ideal life, but they get stuck in the status quo. Revolutionary solutions like Queal can help them to save time and work on their goals. Obviously, reaching your goals entails more than just having the right nutrition, but it certainly is a start for many. It acts as a fundament on which people can build.

Queal, the solution for living the busy tech life.

At Amplio, we primarily support techies towards living their best lives. The tech industry is booming and often considered a great place to work in. What people often forget is the high level of work pressure and stress tech employees face. Doing hackathons through the night and traveling across the world is fun, but it does have an impact on your health. Many of Amplio’s clients are so immersed and vested in their jobs that they tend to neglect both their physical and mental health. Amplio Coaching serves an abundance of techniques to establish a balanced life. Queal is the perfect complementary solution, helping to save time and energy and to ensure you have a well-balanced diet.

Set yourself up for success.

At Amplio, we take four steps to help you reach the life you want. Firstly, we support people to gain awareness of their current living situation and crystallize goals that will lead them towards that desired life. Secondly, together, we determine a path towards reaching those goals. Thirdly, we support our clients to overcome impediments towards growth and we share proven mental strategies and frameworks they can utilize to steadily progress towards their goals without losing track. Fourthly, and most importantly, we ensure our coachees follow a balanced life that sets them up for success. One of the ways we can help you realize your ideal life is to ensure that your required nutrition, lifestyle, and time-to-food are well balanced out. This optimization will free up time that you can use to accelerate your journey towards your best life.

Queal is the first step towards your personal growth. Book a free coaching session and we can start figuring out the other steps towards the life that you want to live.

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