How consuming Queal has helped you save money.

April 5th 2019

Unlike with many other foods, Queal will leave you with zero food waste. In this blog, we will explain the economic impact of Queal versus other foods. We will talk about the money you can save and how large the food waste (at home) is at this moment. We end with some tips to prevent food waste.

Why we think it's important.

On average a person throws away €490,- of food per year. The main reason for doing this is because the expiration date has passed. The United Nations' FAO estimates an approximate 105kg per capita in thrown away food per year. This is the food waste that is thrown away by you and me, so not even counting the food waste that has occurred before.

To take a short side-step, the total waste of food amounts to about one-third of the food produced. This is approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste. The total waste is equal to almost $1 trillion(!) each year. To put that in perspective, that is more than the total Dutch GDP ($800 billion), or about the valuation of Apple.

Why it's important for you.

We talked earlier about the environmental impact of Queal and we believe that Queal can be much more sustainable than many of the food choices we have available today. But we believe that Queal doesn't only save the environment, it helps you save money.

If you would only eat Queal, and if we take the average amount of food thrown away, you would save €490,- only by not throwing away food (not taking into account if Queal is cheaper or more expensive than what you eat at the moment).

This would equal about €1,32 worth of food not thrown away (Queal costs between €7,- and €8,50 per day). If your food costs we're the same before, you would be saving about 15-19% per day. If you only eat Queal once per day, on workdays, you would save €0,44 per meal/day or €110,- per year.

What you can do to combat food waste.

We hope that this blog has been able to highlight the way Queal is saving you money by not having to throw away food. From our yearly survey, we do know that most of you don't only eat Queal (the mean is 9 meals per week). So here are some tips regarding food waste:

  • Buy only what you need, so shop more often. People overestimate what they need and when you buy perishable food in bulk, it will perish.
  • You can still eat products after their best before date (BBD). The BBD is more common than the expiration date. For example, most milk and yoghurt is still very good after the BBD.
  • Make something good with leftovers. Use this awesome website to generate recipes.

And as a bonus:

  • Mix it with Queal. Have a banana left, some other fruit, some veggies, why not mix it in with your next Queal meal.

Curious about your impact on the world based on your Queal use? Head over to the dashboard, find out, and tell your friends!

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