How buying Queal is better than other fast foods.

June 24st 2019

Queal was founded with the mission of making quick and complete meals. Many meals that are available are either fast to make or healthy to eat. In this blog, we compare the costs, both money and time, of Queal to three other options. We take a look at a quick homemade meal, eating out, and a large breakfast.

Why we think it's important.

Our mission is to help people improve their food habits and support their healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Queal is made to do that by providing you with smart and accessible nutrition.

Not everyone has the knowledge or time to make a great meal at every moment of the day. Nowadays we're more hurried than ever before and bombarded with advertising for sweet, sugary, salty, and delicious (but not always nutritious) foods. More than 1.9 billion people around the world are overweight, that is almost 1/3rd of the world population. Queal alone can't solve this, but we hope that we can help you eat a few better meals than before.

What does it cost you?

Below we've made a comparison of three meals and a Queal STEADY Standard shake. Each meal is about 700kcal. We've compared not only the costs but also the time it takes to prepare. All three meals are pretty good health-wise so we haven't added any specific comparison there.

For every moment of the day, and for every person, there is an optimal choice to make. We can't make that for you, but we hope this information helps you along a bit.

Pasta with vegetables and (fake) meat.

For this recipe we've taken inspiration from our years as a student. These ingredients can be found at any supermarket and the whole recipe can be made within 20-25 minutes (depending on your chopping skills). Here are the ingredients:

  • Pasta (1/6th of pack €0,57)
  • Zucchini (1/3rd of €0,75)
  • Eggplant (1/3rd of €0,79)
  • Sauce (1/3rd of €1,47)
  • Grated cheese (1/3rd of €2,12)
  • Minced (fake) meat (1/3rd of €3,38)
  • Union & garlic (about €0,15)
  • Herbs (about €0,10)

Price: €3,18

Time: 25 minutes

(plus getting grocies and clean-up)

Takeaway or Delivery.

Sometimes you want to have the ultimate convenience experience. Takaway (if it's on your route) or delivery could sometimes be a good choice. Many of the options here aren't that balanced, but if you look closely there is always something good you can find. We've gone for the following option, a full poke-bowl:

  • White rice
  • Tofu
  • Cucumber
  • Red union
  • Avocado
  • Crispy corn
  • Red beets
  • Carrots

Price: €10,-

Time (eating): 10 minutes

(plus waiting time if takeaway)

A large breakfast.

For this recipe we used the excellent tool Eat This Much. The recipe is for a full homemade breakfast and will keep you full until it's time for lunch again.

  • Avocado Sandwich (1 avocado, 2 slices of break, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 dash salt, about €1,80)
  • Blueberries (1 cup, fresh or from freezer, about €1,75)
  • Nonfat Greek (or soy) yoghurt (1 cup, about €1,60)

Price: €5,15

Time: 5 minutes

(plus getting grocies)

Queal STEADY Standard.

Most of you already know what Queal is, for the unitiated, here are the biggest ingredients listed. You can also learn more on the ingredients page.

  • Whole Grain Oat Flour (35%)
  • Whey Protein (15%)
  • Isomaltulose (15%)
  • Maltodextrin (15%)
  • Soy Flour (10%)
  • Vegetable Oils (8%)
  • Vitamins and Minerals (1%)

Price: €2,33 (or €2,- with a subscription)

Time: 1 minute

(maybe even 30 seconds)

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