Pricing Update Queal.

November 26th 2018

Today we've updated the pricing of Queal. Our goal for the update is to make the pricing more transparent and easier to understand. We've updated the shipping prices (lower for many countries), removed the confusing bulk discounts, and increased the subscription discount to 15%. Below we will explain each of these changes and add some examples to highlight what it would mean in different scenarios.

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It's more and more customary to incorporate the shipping costs of products. So from today on we've been able to do this for some countries. Shipping is now free for small packages (<14 bags) to: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

In most other countries we've lowered the shipping costs by about €4,-. This doesn't apply to the United States. This is because we already have a very discounted price for shipping there because we temporarily stopped shipping from a local warehouse.

Orders below €49,- will still incur a shipping/administrative fee of €5,-.

Bulk Discounts.

You probably didn't know we had these... because we only showed these during checkout (shame on us). We originally intended these to promote making larger orders (of €125,- or more for 5% discount, or €175,- or more for 10%). From today on these discounts will be removed.

In almost any case these discount will be compensated by the lower shipping price and/or increased subscription discount.


The new subscription discount is about 15% for each renewal order. Before this was about 6% to 7%. This means that each bag of Steady will be €1,- cheaper than for a non-subscription order. A Go bar will cost €2,12 and a Flow jar will set you back €38,-.

This means that subscriptions have become significantly cheaper. There is no catch (except that we really would love to have you all as subscribers). You can still change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that the discount is from the second month onward (because 'hit&run' isn't cool)!


Subscription renewal
Johan has a subscription for 16 bags of Steady Standard to Denmark. His previous total was €109,- (€104,- + €5,- shipping). His new total is €96,-. The price per bag is €0,50 lower and Denmark now has free shipping.

Large order to Hungary
Kevin has ordered 25 bags of Steady Athletic to Hungary. His previous total was €203,25 (€191,25 + €12,- shipping). His new total is €220,50 (€212,50 + €8,- shipping). He is missing the bulk discount and has a lower shipping price. If he subscribed it would be €195,50.

Medium subscription renewal
Lennart has a subscription for 12 bags of Steady Standard, 6 Go bars, and 1 Flow to France. His previous total was €129,- (€125,- + €4,- shipping). His new total is €122,72. The price of the products is about 15% lower (but missing the 5% bulk discount) and he doesn't pay any shipping costs.

We hope these examples have made clear the changes that we've made and why. Always feel free to email support if you have any questions.

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