April 2019, new goals are set.

May 6th 2019

Every four months we put our heads together to set new goals for the following months. At the beginning of this month, new ideas and targets are written down for Q2. Our focus will, even more, be on carrying out our mission, boost the sales of READY instant oat meal, implement cool ideas to increase positive word of mouth, releasing the new Queal user dashboard and start preparing a new social media campaign.

What did we do last month?

Get to know READY - Last December we’ve introduced our newest product; READY. READY is an instant oat meal - only adding hot water and giving it a little stir will provide you with 20% of your daily recommended intake. Since STEADY is our flagship product, and most customers stick to their routine, we’ve noticed a lot of our customers haven’t tried READY yet and so we’ve been working on several ways to lower the barrier to try a new way of having breakfast.

A definitive guide to Nootropics - Besides our nutritionally complete meals, we also have a nootropic supplement in our line-up. Queal Flow is our “21st century coffee” that increases your focus, reduces anxiety, and protects your brain. Flow combines four ingredients: Guarana, L-Theanine, Cdp-Choline, and Ashwagandha. They are carefully chosen to help you create meaningful work. For most people, nootropics are new or they don’t feel comfortable with the concept.

To let you get to know everything (you should know) about Nootropics/smart drugs we’ve updated our definitive guide to Nootropics. It’s our cornerstone article that gives all the answers to the following questions: “Why do people use Nootropics?”, “How do you use Nootropics?”, and “Where to start with Nootropics?”. Also, it gives you insight into where to start with Nootropics and what the top 14 Nootropics is, right now.

What are we currently working on?

Improving the word of mouth - The past few months Jiska here at the office has been busy with interviewing Quealers and setting out questions on the dashboard, all related to the Word of Mouth. Thanks to your extensive answers, we've gathered a lot of insights about if - and how - you currently talk about your Queal use and what obstacles you're possibly running into. We've noticed that most of you long for more, short, interactive content that is easily shareable, short stats and facts about what Complete Food is and why people chose to switch (part of) their diets. These are subjects we will focus on with releasing the new dashboard and planning our new social campaigns, so stay tuned!

Also, the current struggle to share Queal in a practical way was mentioned, some of your friends and fellows would like to try Queal but don't want to make their own order before knowing what it feels or tastes like, especially when it comes to STEADY. As - for both economic and environmental reasons - we do not offer single-serve pouches but dó want to give you guys the opportunity to "give away" a serving, we figured that we're going to try and fix so-called ambassador packages. These "packages" - which you can add to your own order - will hold nice goodies that will help you to share about Queal in both words and actions.

Vegan GO bar Dark Chocolate - Coming July, the new and improved (vegan) Dark Chocolate GO bar will be in stock! The development of the recipe and packaging design are now set and the bar and packaging will be produced in the upcoming months. This is what the foil will look like! What do you think?

Giving the right guidance - We’re convinced that our nutritionally complete meal can work for many people. There are several different ways to benefit from our shakes, bars or oat meal. Saving you time, getting you on the right track in terms of food, eliminating unhealthy food choices, and so on. Sometimes, because of all the different benefits, getting our message clear is difficult. As we state in our mission; we want to empower people to make conscious and informed choices. The upcoming months we will focus more on telling potential customers about how we can guide them to these choices and what benefits we can provide them. What’s your main reason to use our products?

Dashboard update - You probably all know we’re working hard on developing a new Queal user dashboard. All the improvements we’ve got in mind, can be found in the “dashboard section” in our future improvements timeline. Curious about the user interface of the mobile first design? Check out the GIF!

What are our future plans?

Let's focus on transparency - The word is out! The next big thing we’ll focus on in an online campaign is transparency. Nothing special or new, you might think - since we already launched the improvements timeline and supply chain page a while ago. Nothing is less true; we realised that we only gave little insight in all processes and ingredients and that we can take this to the next level. We’re going to dig deeper in production, packaging, product use and ingredients and we will let you, our beloved Quealers, participate in an epic journey. Keep your eyes on our newsletters and social media, something promising will happen in the next few months.

Thanks for reading and see you next month again. For an extensive overview of all of our projects, in the meantime, please visit our Improvements Timeline.

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