Our improvements and activities in 2018's festive month.

January 11th 2019

We have left the holidays behind us and, like the rest of the working world, we boot ourselves up - taking it easy. December is usually a quite uneventful month for us. But this year, it was far from quiet. Let’s guide you through our activities and improvements of last December.

What did we do last month?

Rich Roasted Apple - Have you tried it yet? December’s Limited Edition is Rich Roasted Apple, a perfect, slightly caramelized and somewhat sweet apple-flavour to enjoy during the holidays. We still have some left, go get it now!

Ready Launch - With a successful Ready Ride (a tram ride we organised in the city of Rotterdam) the start shot was given for the official Ready launch. The entire morning people hopped on and off to enjoy a free and hot oat meal breakfast. In and around the tram, citizens of Rotterdam were able to read more information about Ready - its ingredients and benefits. We received very enthusiastic reactions and we’re sure the ride made us get to know people who otherwise might not have heard of Queal. Since the 20th of December it is possible to order Ready, our new complete instant oat meal - available in the flavours “Berry Good” and “Carrot Break”.

New Year's Resolutions - Just like in 2018, brand new - but also loyal customers - are offered a great deal at the beginning of 2019. These "New Year’s Resolution Packages" are called into life to make it more easy to step into the world of complete foods or to make it more affordable once you’ve decided to go for it year-round. The “New Year’s Revolution” pack, “Get Ready 2019”, and “Ready, Steady, Go, Flow!” are available until the 14th of January. Our try-out deal (36% off) will also be available thereafter.

About us - We published our "About Us" page. A new page about the mission of Queal, the Queal community, the team behind the company and, of course, about Max - our office dog. Since most of you have been really enthusiastic about Queal and our customer service, we dared to put up some great testimonials about ourselves as well. Head over to the company page to find out more about us and our purpose.

Improving website performance - As mentioned in November’s update, we’ve been working on a new version of the overview page - now called "shop page" - and the individual product pages. When writing this blog, A/B-tests have shown this new shop page works significantly better. From the beginning of next week, the entire shop page will be transferred to the new version and you should all be able to experience the new ‘shopping environment’. Do you have any feedback to share about the website? Don’t be shy and leave us a message via email or through the dashboard feedback system.

Also, after three months working on an online presence/SEO project at Queal, we said goodbye to Fleur. Fleur has left a lot of useful information and insights which we will gradually implement in the website and online marketing strategy.

What are we currently working on?

QuealBot - At Queal, we have a very extensive product range. We sell instant oat meal, shakes, and bars. All available in at least two delicious flavours but also in multiple diet types. Because we can imagine some struggles new Queal customer (or people new to complete foods in general) can have, we are currently developing QuealBot. This cute and tiny bot will help you out during the search for your perfect meal.

New Limited Editions - A new Limited Edition is to be expected by the end of this month. Keep an eye on your email and our socials for the official announcement of the flavour.

For all other Limited Editions to follow, we’re running a poll on the dashboard to find out what previous Limited Editions you want to see again. Also, there’s room for flavour suggestions in this forum topic. We will soon test new flavours, so make sure to tell us about your flavour ideas!

Re-inventing our customer calls - In the past few months, we’ve had over a hundred calls with our customers. These calls are meant for giving feedback, sharing interesting thoughts, but also to get a clearer view of our current customers and their needs. In the future, we will send out invitations for customer calls in batches once we’ve got an interesting topic or urgent questions that need to be answered. Of course, feel free to share your feedback via the dashboard when you’ve got something to share which cannot wait!

What are our future plans?

Improving the word of mouth - Explaining the concept of Complete Food to friends or family who hasn’t heard of it yet can be difficult. Based on the rough data of the Complete Food Survey of 2017 and an article named "The Psychology of Soylent and the prison of first-world food choices", it’s clear that opinions about Complete Food are divided. We’re digging into the subjects “word of mouth” and “stigma” and are thinking of how we - as Queal - can participate in making Complete Food more accepted and understandable.

Thanks for reading our - already - third blog about the company- and product improvements. The topics we've worked on this past December have now been added to the Improvements Timeline, go take a look if you'd like!

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