Our improvements and activities in the winter of 2019.

January 06th 2020

Everyone is back to work after the holidays. It's that time again to get serious about your goals, make a plan, and maybe even have some good quality meals. In this blog we're updating you about almost all of our products. We're phasing out Agile, there are new Go bars, you can buy a New Year's Revolution package, and Ready will see some changes.

What did we do the last few months?

Spectacular Speculoos - Have you tried it yet? December’s Limited Edition is Spectacular Speculoos, a perfect, tasty, and yearly-returning flavour to enjoy during the holidays. We still have some left, go get it now!

Agile phase-out - For as long Agile existed, it has always has been our least popular diet type. Next to Standard and Athletic, Agile was only responsible for a relatively small percentage of our sales. A few months ago, we reached the point where we have decided to phase out Agile. The price of making it (producing much smaller batches), storage, and inventory management led us to this tough decision. With this change, we plan to provide a wider variety of flavours for our remaining diet-types in the near future.

New Year's Resolutions - Just like in 2018, brand new - but also loyal customers - are offered a great deal at the beginning of 2020. These "New Year’s Resolution Packages" are called into life to make it more easy to step into the world of complete foods or to make it more affordable once you’ve decided to go for it year-round. The “New Year’s Revolution” pack is available until the 14th of January.

What are we currently working on?

Queal App - Some of you have already been testing out the new Queal App. Within the next few days a new and improved version will go live and then you can track your orders, update your subscription, share Queal with friends, and more - all from your phone.

New Limited Editions - A new Limited Edition is to be expected by the end of this month. Keep an eye on your email and our socials for the official announcement of the flavour.

New Ready Flavour - We will soon announce a new Ready flavour. This will come in the large 10-meal bags. It will be fresh, tasty, and with real fruit pieces (just like the other Ready products). For the time being we don't plan on selling the Ready cups, they just weren't up to shipping internationally.

New Permanent Flavour - As part of our ongoing move towards a wider variety of available flavour options, we will be adding one of our previous Limited Editions into the permanent flavour roster!

We asked you to vote on our next permanent flavour addition, and you chose our previous Oreo-inspired Limited Edition 'Cookies and Cream'! It was the winning option by a wide margin, with a whopping 49% of voters wanting to see it become permanent! ​

We're working hard on ramping up production, and hope to offer Cookies and Cream as a permanent flavour by March. It will absolutely be available in Standard and Athletic. We're in the lab right now working out if a Vegan version is viable.