What we've worked on in the first month of 2019.

February 4th 2019

After December’s “depression”, January is known to be a month where we see a lot of new customers entering the Complete Food market. Our New Year’s Packages appeared to be the perfect solution for kickstarting the new year, either for our most loyal customers or for new Quealers getting to know our products. We started 2019 with a bang and we’re happy to sum up everything in this blog to show you what happened with Queal.

What did we do last month?

Bombastic Bounty - Your favourite candy bar in a shake! Just before the end of January Bombastic Bounty became available in our webshop. Here at Queal HQ, we’re all hooked on this “choconut” flavour, have you tried it yet? Let us know your thoughts on the forum.

Updated Try-out deal - An easy and low-threshold way to get to know all we have to offer at Queal is by ordering a so-called ‘Try-out package’. This package contains a little bit of every product we have in our webshop. Previously, your Try-out package consisted of two pouches Steady, two Go bars and a jar of Flow, but now you’ll also find two cups of our newest product Ready in your box. So, for just €49 you can enjoy a total of 12 meals and our nootropic supplements Flow. Great way to experience the concept of complete foods in a low-threshold way, if you’d ask us! You can find this deal here.

New Year's Resolution packages - The official sales of our New Year’s Resolution packages have ended but if you’re still interested and accidentally “missed the boat” some detective work will lead you to the package URLs ;)

Small boxes back in stock - Yay! Our beloved small boxes are back in stock. Due to a non-expected demand of smaller orders, we ran out of our small teal boxes sooner than expected. Luckily, our masterpieces are back again and ready to be sent out.

Limited Edition Poll - As Jiska is taking care of this year’s Limited Edition line-up, she recently shared a poll via the Queal forum and dashboard to invite customers to vote on their favourite Limited Edition. The most popular golden oldies will return this year, alongside some new and innovative flavours! Do you have some great ideas for new flavours? Head over to the forum to share your flavour ideas. We might test them really soon during our next development sessions.

Ready at work - We’re convinced about the fact that Ready is the perfect breakfast or quick lunch at the office. Therefore, we handed out Ready cups to the many hard workers and innovators in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. Do you think Ready will perfectly fit in your company as well? Reach out to Jiska to discuss business canteen deals or other forms of collaborations.

What are we currently working on?

Ready cups - We’ve received some feedback of Ready (pre)orderers which revealed that the single serve cups can arrive badly damaged after a rough and long trip towards our customer’s doorstep. In our initial testing, we had not anticipated this would happen. We’re working hard to find a solution to this problem. We’re currently thinking of other - sturdier - materials, heat seals, alternative temper seals et cetera. Since we’re trying to find an intermediate solution taking esthetics, function, and usability into account we’re absolutely open to your suggestion. Reach out to support or Lieke - who’s in charge of this project - to let us know what you have in mind.

New social campaign - As a Queal user, you’re probably familiar with the fact that explaining the concept can be hard. Also, people who haven’t tried Complete Foods at all do have some negative associations with the products without even trying it themselves. We have been thinking how to raise awareness around Complete Foods in either a funny and low-threshold way and came up with the idea we’re currently working on. We promise we will keep you updated on this new exciting campaign!

Limited Editions - As mentioned above. We soon have a day in the lab planned to develop new Limited Edition flavours! Tell us your flavour suggestions if you believe we cannot miss out on them during our testing-day!

What are our future plans?

Selling Ready offline - How cool would it be if you could buy Ready straight from a retailer? We’re digging into the world of offline shopping and will be approaching retailers sometime soon. Are you a great fan of Ready and do you want to integrate Ready in your shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel or anything else? Let us know!

That was it for this month! Thanks for reading and once again, please feel free to share evenything improvements-related as we highly appreciate every customers experiences and opinions. For a general overview of everything we did, do and are planning to work on, please visit our Improvements Timeline.

Check out the Improvements Timeline