The things that kept us busy in July.

August 8th 2019

We’re currently in the middle of the Limited Edition contest whereby the ‘brains’ behind Pure Passion, Peach Party and Glorious Ginger vs. Lovely Lemon Cheesecake received the first samples of their Limited Edition flavours. Also, all preparations for the new Nuts & … bar have been made, and we had the opportunity to speak on a Vegan Gamechangers Event!

What did we do last month?

Sample round Limited Edition Design Contest - We’re in the second phase of developing the Limited Edition flavours submitted in our contest. Pure Passion, Peach Party and Glorious Ginger’s first samples have been developed and shipped out to the idea owners. In the coming days, the Transparency Hub and our social channels will give more insight into the process. We tried the samples at the office too and we can assure you, this is gonna be something!

Nuts & ... is almost here! - We’ve announced earlier via our Improvements Timeline that we’ve been working on a new nuts bar behind the scenes. All preparations have been made and the first batch of these new, chunky bars is almost on its way! Will you be among the first to try these new bars? Keep an eye on our website and your mailbox to find out immediately when these bars are available! Could you guess what it will be?

Vegan Gamechangers event - On the 8th of July, we went to an event of the Vegan Entrepreneurs Network. Here, we've pitched about our newest complete breakfast product READY but also listened to 5 other "vegan gamechangers" and their innovative concepts. We were very excited to go there to share our vision on vegan products but also to hear more about new vegan-minded food companies. Head over to this month’s improvements post to learn more about these cool initiatives.

What are our future plans?

In the upcoming weeks you can expect the following exciting things to happen: a Queal versus other foods comparison page in your personal dashboard, a mobile app to make your dashboard usage more convenient, the new GO bars will be launched, new gifts shall be added to the dashboard, and of course the follow-up of the Limited Edition contest will take place once the three finalists have given feedback on their samples. Stay tuned!

Did you know that we also have our Improvements Timeline? Here, you can find out about everything we've improved in the past as well as learn about our future plans! Awesome, right?

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