Agile Phase-out

June 20th 2019

We're phasing out STEADY Agile over the coming months. We're doing this because the production costs and stock maintenance are not possible any more with a falling (relative) demand for the product line. In this blog we go deeper into the reasons, show what the vitamins and minerals would be on the alternative, a 4,3 scoop (per meal) Standard diet, and when we estimate we will run out of Agile completely.

The latest batches of STEADY Agile will be sold at a discount (€7,-) for as long as they last. If you order 15 bags or more, then you can use code FINALAGILE during checkout to get an additional €1,- discount per bag (for a total of 25% discount).

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Why we're phasing out Agile.

When we started Queal, the mission was to provide everyone with a quick and complete meal. Unique in the industry was both our selection of a great amount of flavours, and a wide selection of meal options. First the options were limited to different variations of our Steady shakes, now they include Go bars and Ready instant oats.

Over the last few years we've seen the demand for Steady Agile slowly shrinking. A smaller and smaller group of customers wanted to have the Agile products. This can be caused by several reasons. One reason is that not many people actually needed the product, most people really do need 2100kcal or more per day (or a percentage of that per meal. Correlary to that is that mostly men eat complete meals (about 80% of our customers are men), who generally eat largers meals. But price might also have been a factor.

Agile has always been more expensive to make than Standard. The ingredients might have been slightly cheaper, but this was offset by the extra costs of producing it in much smaller batches. Because of this combination of factors, plus challenges in storing and predicting demand and production, we've decided to phase out Agile completely.

What are your alternatives?

Agile has been the perfect meal solution for many of you, and we want to help you find the best alternative. Agile is different from Standard (and Athletic) in a few key ways. The macro-nutrient balance is sligthly different to achieve a satiated feeling for the right amount of time (with fewer calories), but maybe even more importantly, it has a custom vitamin and mineral mix to give you at least 33% of your RDI per meal.

For many, Steady Standard is the best alternative. 4,3 scoops (or 143g) of Standard is 600kcal. But when you switch to Standard, you are missing out on some vitamins and minerals. If you're replacing one meal per day with Queal, this might not be a problem. But here is the full table of vitamins and minerals for a 600kcal meal and 1800kcal day of Standard. The final column lists the amounts you are 'missing' per meal/day.

Standard Vitamins & Minerals per 600kcal (143g) 1800kcal (429g) missing (429g)
Vitamin A 214μg (29%) 642μg (86%) 108μg (14%)
Vitamin D 2,3μg (29%) 12,8μg (86%) 2,2μg (14%)
Vitamin E 3,7μg (29%) 11,1μg (86%) 1,8μg (14%)
Vitamin K 20,4μg (29%) 61,1μg (87%) 8,9μg (13%)
Vitamin C 31,4mg (29%) 94,1mg (86%) 15,9mg (14%)
Thiamine 0,39mg (33%) 1,2mg (98%) 0,03mg (2%)
Riboflavin 0,55mg (34%) 1,6mg(103%)
Niacin 4,6mg (29%) 13,8mg (86%) 2,3mg (14%)
Vitamin B6 0,49mg (29%) 1,5mg (86%) 0,24mg (14%)
Folate 72μg (29%) 216μg (86%) 34μg (14%)
Vitamin B12 1,1μg (29%) 3,4μg (86%) 0,58μg (14%)
Biotin 11,4μg (29%) 34μg (86%) 5,8μg (14%)
Pantothenic Acid 1,3mg (29%) 4,3mg (86%) 0,71mg (14%)
Potassium 1,1g (32%) 3,4g (97%) 0,1g (3%)
Chloride 0,68g (29%) 2g (88%) 0,27g (12%)
Calcium 0,38g (51%) 1,1g (153%)
Phosphorus 349mg (63%) 1145mg (190%)
Magnesium 122mg (35%) 367mg (105%)
Iron 3,2mg (29%) 9,5mg (87%) 1,5mg (13%)
Zinc 4,7mg (29%) 14mg (86%) 2,2mg (14%)
Copper 0,46mg (29%) 1,4mg (86%) 0,22mg (14%)
Manganese 2,3mg (77%) 6,9mg (230%)
Selenium 20μg (29%) 60μg (86%) 9,9μg (14%)
Molybdenum 18,7μg (29%) 56,2μg (86%) 8,8μg (14%)
Iodine 42,8μg (29%) 128,3μg (86%) 21,7μg (14%)
Choline 114mg (29%) 343mg (86%) 57mg (14%)

Although we believe that most people will get enough vitamins and minerals from other meals, we can imagine that some would want to supplement their intake. If you're using a multivitamin and mineral supplement, we recommend that you use one pill every 3 days. In most supplements the amount of each vit & min is 100%, but in some Vitamin K or A is only at 50%, which then is fully supplemented by taking a pill every 3 days. (Some also have lower than 100% on some minerals, these are (in most cases) not the minerals that you are missing).

When will Agile be gone?

At the time of this announcement (20th of June 2019) we have finalised the last (large) batches of Agile. This means that we know the final best before dates (BBD) and soon also when we expect to run out. For the time being we have enough bags of all the flavours, but when we know an estimate (of which month), we will add those to this table.

Agile BBD Sold-Out
Awesome Apple Pie SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Cool Chocolate SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Funky Forest Fruit SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Super Strawberry SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Smooth Vanilla SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness SOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Thank you for the trust that you've given us over the years. We hope you've enjoyed the Agile meals and will be able to enjoy them for a short while more. We're very sorry that we will phase out the product line and hope that some of the other products will be able to replace (part of) your diet in the future.

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