How and why do other people use Queal?

June 6th 2019

Now and then, we receive questions from people wondering if you can really live off our complete foods, or how someone decided to use these kinds of meals. Especially when it comes to our STEADY shakes as, after all, they’re liquid food. Also, more generally: some of you wonder if it’s possible to customise complete foods, to switch up flavours or use different products on the same day.

Although we could write a super long and textual blog post about all the reasons to use Queal, we decided not to. Instead, we gathered reviews and messages on our forum. Why? Well, because in order to discover that our complete meals are suitable for everyone, at every time and in any way, it’s helpful to know by who, how, where and when they’re being used.

"Since I'm a very active person and usually arrive home late, Queal is the perfect solution for a healthy meal when I get home. I save time and money." - Filipe

The first one we’d like to mention is Filipe’s review, in which he mentions one of the main reasons why people generally start with complete foods: saving on both time and money, while not having to give up on meals that are healthy and nutritious.

Did you know that with every time that you will pick a Queal meal over a regular one, you will save 16 minutes?

“I have a Queal meal twice a day and then dinner. The biggest positive rather than the ease is the fact it’s stopped my desire to consistently snack.” - Ben

Ben’s experiences are another example of the ease our meals bring. Also, though, Ben experiences that two meals a day works best for him. He still enjoys a regular dinner.

If you're interested in reading more about how to customize your Queal meals or want to see how many scoops would equal your perfect meal, then check out our customise page.

"To avoid not having time to eat, I always have a bar or shaker with me. Especially with an early shift it is very convenient to use a shake, since I have to travel an hour to my work, so getting up at half past four in the morning and having a meal prepared in a minute, and knowing it is a complete healthy meal, makes live a bit easier at such times.

I like the limited editions most. It differs which meal I switch to Queal, but no matter which meal it is, it is always a good alternative."
- Jeffrey

Jeffrey switches up different Queal meals in order to always have a healthy alternative at his - sometimes very hectic - working day. This is another perfect example of how our meals do not have to be every meal but can be at any time.

"It is the perfect food for all my dental situations: braces and wisdom teeth removal when it is impossible or painful to chew food. With Queal, I don't have to worry about getting all the necessary nutrients. Besides, it is super easy to make and delicious." - Dace

Dace also uses Queal to enjoy a quick and easy meal, one that’s tasty too! Also, she experienced that it’s a great complete alternative for when (temporary) health reasons make it impossible to enjoy regular foods.

But even when just in “normal” situations, Queal meals could cover the mere part of your intake. Or all. Here we have an example of Christof, who shifted to a 100% diet, and is still alive ;)

"I've been a Queal customer for almost two years. An article I read in school caught my attention regarding complete foods. I've tried multiple European brands before I found Queal, the taste tester was amazing, thus I craved more. Occasionally I had a Queal meal. Since February I am a Queal subscriber and now my diet consists of 100% Queal." - Christof

And in case you wonder if the taste or texture doesn't get boring after some time of using complete foods: you can super easily combine flavours or add fruits by using a blender. We regularly share delicious recipes using Queal products on our CookingNerds website but our current awesome Quealers regularly leave some nice suggestions on the forum too, just like RT did with the example below.

“I often add some instant coffee to my Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness Shake.” - RT

Now that you’ve had a look at how others use Queal, are you ready to it yourself? By (partly) switching to complete meals, you will always be super of having a healthy, complete and quick-to-prepare meal by hand. At any time.

Make sure to check out the STEADY shake Taste Testers and our Try-out Deal if you’re looking for the perfect introduction.

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