An update about our Instant Oats.

October 4th 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the beta test for our newest iteration of complete foods: Queal Instant Oats. For the final fine-tuning of this products recipe, we were sending out a first test batch to a select few lucky Queal customers in exchange for providing us their feedback about the product. We asked them anything about experiences, uses, likes and dislikes. In total, 200 samples were spread over customers, friends, and family. As we wanted all beta-testers to contribute to the final product, we’ve gathered all feedback to see what we need to improve and what are “nice-to-haves”.

We’d like to share with you in this post what improvements we’re currently looking into and what the next steps in our product development will be.

Serving size.

We suggested a 100gr serving-size. Most of the beta-testers agreed that this would be the perfect amount of oats for one meal. A few were hoping for a even bigger or smaller portion. To satisfy all needs, the Instant Oats will be available in both single serve packaging as bulk packaging.


As for the water - oats ratio, you guys voted unanimously for adding more water (or milk) to the oats than suggested. We took this advice to heart and doubled the amount of liquid suggested.


We will dig into the overall flavour of the Instant Oats. Most feedback told us to add more berries to the mixture and intensify the flavour in general. We’ll test several compositions in the lab and will come back with an even tastier product.


The oats now have a light brown/purple-ish colour when mixed. We will look into making it look tasty too a little, by adding colour in a natural way. Nevertheless, our main focus will be on the completeness and the taste of the product in the first place.


On average, our customers would be want to pay 2 to 3 euros for one serving. Although, it depends on having the meal in one serving (more convenient) or bulk packaging (less packaging). At this point, one serving contains 315 kcal.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be working on the final version of the Instant Oats. Once we have made our decisions regarding these focus points, we will share another update with you.