Mighty Mango & Sweet Potato, a vegan new Limited Edition!

April 30th 2019

99% chance you've never heard of this flavour combination before, but we promise it's a winner. The mildly sweet and slightly nutty flavour of real sweet potato powder perfectly pairs with the fruity taste of mango. Here at the office, we think Mighty Mango and Sweet Potato tastes like a smoothie, a nutritionally complete smoothie to be exact!

I want to try it!

It's vegan, right?

Yes it is! We've chosen to introduce this Limited Edition in the Vegan diet type, using pea- and rice protein instead of whey. In this way (not whey :p), Quealers following a plant-based diet will have an extra option to choose from too. Of course, though, Mighty Mango and Sweet Potato will please everyone's flavour buds.