Our newest Limited Edition Sweet Honey is now available!

October 17th 2021

Cosy up to the hearth with our new Sweet Honey Limited Edition flavour. A sweet warm natural honey flavour, simple but elegant. Now available in the webshop.

Order it now!

What does Sweet Honey taste like?

If there is any flavour that works well with the oats in Queal Steady it is honey. The sweetness mixes well with the fullness of the oats and gives you that homemade oatmeal vibe without lifting a finger. Sweet but full is how we would describe the flavour.

ps. We also still have some previous Limited Editions left, so there's never been a more diverse line-up of flavours available in our webshop than right now!

A Bulk Packaging Pilot Test.

Bulk packaging is now available for two flavours.

It has long since been a request from long-term customers. No more opening a new bag every day, and reduce your environmental footprint in the process.

Our new Bulk packaging contains 3 times as much Queal as a normal Steady bag; 1506g, or 6300kcal.

For this first production run, we're simply testing the packaging process and the popularity of this new type of larger bag.

You can now buy Cool Chocolate Standard and Smooth Vanilla Standard, as those are our two fastest moving Steady flavours.

Right now the bulk bags are not fully printed with our cool bag design, but "simple" white bags with a sticker attached that has all the required information. If this test proves a success we will, of course, create the cool designed packaging you expect from us!

Free GO Bar promotion!

We're running a promotion that will get you free GO bars!

From now until the 1st of December, you will get one free Dark Chocolate GO bar for every €30,- you spend.

So for example, if you spend €90,- you will automatically get 3 free GO bars with your order!