New Year's resolutions and how to stick to them.

December 28th 2018

We wrote about it last year, and even the year before but it hasn't changed in the meantime: Only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year's Resolutions. But if you are like the majority, you might be thinking about making New Year's Resolutions yourself (again and again). Because, even as these rituals fail repeatedly, we just keep trying. But why?

New Year's Resolutions are a tradition which dates as far back as Ancient Rome. Humans can't stop believing in new beginnings. Most people amongst us see the start of a new year as a start of a new chapter in life. Unfortunately, our brain messes up our New Year's Resolutions. And this is why.

Why we fail.

Because we seek instant gratification.

Usually, our resolutions are not the best way to make goals. We focus on targets we haven't been able to achieve in earlier stages of our life. They are a result of "instant gratification". We want something and we definitely want it now. Living a healthier lifestyle, spending more time with your family, exercising more... it gives us a satisfying feeling while even thinking of it. Resolutions are a reflection of yourself as a better person, but most of the time those aren't goals you really would like to do. This results in not feeling happy at all whilst fulfilling those actions itself. Because of this, we usually give up very fast and these actions will not become our new habits.

What to do?

Be kind to yourself.

Next to taking a moment and thinking about the effort that is needed and being flexible, we encountered another way to make your New Year's Resolutions manageable. According to Tim Pychyl, psychologist, "the key is to view the world and our emotions in an unbiased way". In other words: Don't associate your resolutions with negative thoughts whilst performing them. Give it a second chance. You'll realize that you can easily associate the goals with a neutral or even a good emotion. And make your future-self feel less like a stranger.

What we can do for you.

New Year's packages created especially to help you reach your goals, whatever they might be.

With the above being said, we'll want you to know that Queal's got your back. Most of our New Year's Resolutions relate to staying fit and healthy, losing weight, spending more time with family and spending less money. That's where Queal comes in.

Because, for a limited time - just like last year - we have some great packages to start 2019 with. Built to support your New Year's resolutions. Whether it's a nutritional goal or some project you want to get done next year, we hope we can assist you in achieving these goals.

This year, we've made a great composition of our products in multiple New Year's packages with a discount up to €340,-:

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