Introducing the Queal Ambassador Package.

July 15th 2019

Some time ago, we've scheduled calls with a couple of our amazing customers to ask about their experiences when it comes to talking about Queal. We really appreciate our customer's opinions and figured we would like to support your willingness to share about Queal to the max.

Thanks to their openness, ideas and suggestion, we've been able to gather some nice insights on how to. We've put together the ideas of a sample bag and a simple card with some key information about Complete Foods and came to the Queal Ambassador Package.

Order to get the Queal Ambassador Package

What is the Ambassador Package?

You might know that as a Quealer, you have the opportunity to share the personal referral code in your dashboard. By doing so, you will not only give your friends, family, colleagues and so on an easy entrance to the world of Complete Foods, you will also benefit from it yourself. Each referral through your code will get you 1000 Queal Points, which you can trade for free products and goodies.

During the calls, we've noticed that - although sending on your referral code is easy - there was missing an easy way to let the other person taste & experience Queal first. That's why we came up with the Queal Ambassador Package. Something you can add to your order* for free, which contains:

  • An extra shaker
  • An explanation card: what makes a meal complete?
  • A sample bag that fits one (regular) STEADY meal, which you can fill yourself.

If you've ordered a Queal Ambassador Package, and would like to share your experiences, please visit the forum thread by clicking the button below.

*you will have the possibility to add an Ambassador Package from your 2nd order.

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