We present you: the 3 winners of the Limited Edition Design Contest!

October 14th 2019

From today the three Limited Edition Designs: Peach Party, Pure Passion and Glorious Ginger vs. Lovely Lemon, are available.

In collaboration with the Golden Ticket Winners, we've been developing these awesome flavours in the last two months. You can now get them in the webshop as a package. Or just add one to your order or running subscription.

Get the packaged deal

These were the steps that we took since announcing the winning flavours:

The flavours were sent to the winner, so that they could test them out.

All of them gave us awesome feedback.

Based on that feedback we created a second round of samples.

Then, after the decision for one of the samples had been made, we made the final recipe.

The production was started and the flavours were made.

They are now available to order as a package or to be added to your order or subscription (like all other Limited Editions)