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Functional food vs Food with a function

For several years the consumer has met a diversity of so-called functional foods. ‘Functional foods’ stand for products where nutrients are added or removed to improve the health value. For example, adding vegetable substances in margarine to reduce the amount of cholesterol or increasing the usage of fibre in bread to improve the functionality of intestines. These products aren’t interesting anymore. Nowadays manufacturers are operating far beyond. Products are developed with a (specific) functionality and they’re specified in order to receive a particular result after consumption. This means that they are more functional from the beginning.

Queal achieves helping people to ‘Create More’. Our products contribute to create more in everyone’s lifestyle. More time, more energy, more life. This blog gives a view on several innovative initiatives of companies who assist their consumers to function better, in it’s broadest sense.

Personalised supplement pill

Mass personalised supplement pills are in pre-order now. One pill will deliver the consumer all supplements he needs. This means that you’ll stay energised throughout the day. MultiplyLabs facilitates mass customisation based on supplements, which have demonstrated effectiveness. Every consumer can order the pills they prefer, composed of vitamins, minerals, and ‘others’. For example, Omega 3.

It is even possible to take ‘time released’ supplements, which release the vitamins whenever you need it most, at specific moments throughout the day. When a customer prefers more energy, it might be a solution to release some vitamins immediately after intake and caffeine will be released later.

Working Functional Food

Lunch break (r)evolution

Many people are familiar with the importance of healthy food. But not everyone is aware of the direct effect of food on the functionality of the human body. Imagine that it’s possible to adjust your meal during lunch break to the activities you have to execute that afternoon. Enbiun, a concept development agency located in Amsterdam, has experimented with lunches related to activities. They introduced three types of lunches: Power Up, Last Longer, and Stay Balanced. Each of them had different ingredients. Carbohydrates increased their energy level, more fibres for slowly releasing energy and increasing working endurance, and at least healthy fats and natural protein to keep the blood values in balance.

No time to waste

The biggest difference between these two concepts is the amount of time it takes to consume. Taking a pill won’t interrupt you in your daily activities. A well-prepared lunch will take you some more time but, on the other hand,  it will also be more relaxing. The lunch break (r)evolution seems to fit better in this zeitgeist; the personal supplement pill will quickly follow in the near future.

Functional Food MixHoly oats

As you might know, oats are the basis for our Queal powder. There are different reasons why eating oats is a good thing to do. Oats don’t contain many calories, it makes your stomach feel full for quite a while, it is very easy (and quickly) prepared and it brings you the opportunity to vary on and on. That’s why oats are the basis and inspiration for a lot more concepts besides Queal.

Take Haferkater in Berlin for example, a restaurant where you can only order porridge ‘Das volle Korn im Glas’ served in many different ways. Normally oats are preferred to consume during breakfast, to kickstart your day. This ‘all-day-breakfast’ restaurant makes it possible to give yourself this boost for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or an early dinner.

Food products are developing at a very high speed and with our team at Queal, we’re following these developments closely. Have you noticed that we’ll launch a complete meal in a bar soon? Many innovations will follow. We are ready for creating more. Are you?


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