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Queal WundrBar Two Flavours


Perfect meal, for busy moments.
WundrBar is your meal when you need it.
Easy to take with you, packing a heavy punch!

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A WundrBar is like two regular bars combined. It is high in protein (27 gram) and clocks in at 100 grams. In each bar you will find 427 kcal. Vitamins and minerals have been added to the bars.

WundrBar comes in two flavours:
White Chocolate Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

  • High in Protein
  • Source of Fibre

Please note:

We're phasing out the WundrBars, as they are being replaced with our GO bars. We are no longer producing WundrBars. The best before date on the remaining WundrBars is the 31st of May 2018. The vitamins in the product degrade over time, which is why after a year, we can no longer guarantee that the values mentioned are still present. However, the product should be perfectly fine to keep using after the Best Before Date, for at least another year.

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Queal Wundrbar Display Box

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Peter, Denmark

I have only purchased WundrBars. They are great -- good flavour, size, nutritional contents, competitive price.
-   -
Marcel, Germany

Tastes good and I like the consistency of the bars. I will order more of them.
-   -
Vincent, Belgium

Quick, easy, tasty, liberating.
-   -
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you're too busy to cook.
When you're too busy to shop.
When you're in the zone.
When you're travelling.
Or just when you want to feel wundrful!
A crunchy bite with a very tasty chocolate flavour. And of course with a vanilla or hazelnut flavour depending on the bar of your choice. You've got to try one yourself to see what's it all about.
The main ingredients of the WundrBar are whey protein, humectant (to keep the bar together), vegetable oils, soy protein isolate, maltodextrin (from corn), milkpowder, and cacaopowder. See the full ingredients list here..
Allergens: soy, milk, may contain traces of egg and gluten.
We recommend seeing the WundrBar as a quick meal. Eat one when you're on the go or any other convenient moment. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.
We recommend eating WundrBar for busy moments.
The shelf life is until the end of May 2018.
Allergens: soy, milk, may contain traces of egg and gluten.
Nutrition Facts WundrBar
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