What we've accomplished in February 2019.

March 15th 2019

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it doesn’t mean that fewer things happened too. We launched our big social media campaign, took QuealBot to a higher level and, among others, made some changes to our website.

What did we do last month?

Shipping partners - We took the time this month to take a look at all our shipping partners and arrangements, to try and find better deals or better quality shipping. Although we're very happy with most of our shipping, there is always room for improvement! Here are some that we managed to implement this month:

Slovenia & Slovakia: Lowered the shipping prices significantly, allowing free shipping for small packages, and up to €4,- cheaper on larger shipments.

Bulgaria: Lowered the shipping prices significantly, up to a 61% reduction in shipping costs.

Hungary: Larger orders have up to 50% cheaper shipping.

#quickie launch - The moment we’ve been waiting for/working on for months; the launch of our #quickie campaign. #quickie was called into life to let new people get to know Queal and the convenience of Complete Food in a funny - somewhat ambiguous - way. With this prospecting campaign we showed how easy it is to have a #quickie - quick meal - wherever and whenever you’d like! We’ve already welcomed new customers! The campaign will run until the end of March. For more information about the campaign, head over to the #quickie page. We’ve made a cool behind the scenes video too!

Further development of QuealBot - After many positive reactions we’ve received from our customers about QuealBot we decided to further develop the bot. On every page at queal.com QuealBot can be consulted whenever you need help. QuealBot is capable of giving you a hand when looking for information about our products and order information. For any complicated questions and request our support team is still at your service!

E-mail updates for potential customers - Website visitors without an actual Queal account will now be able to leave their email addresses to stay updated. Earlier, it wasn’t possible to have an account in our email system without buying Queal. Now, by leaving your email address, they will receive company updates, newsletters, promotional emails, and other great content to get to know us better and find out if Queal would be something for them too.

Website improvements - Together with experienced UX designers we've made some changes to make the website easier to navigate and understand. For instance, the shop page now better showcases the products we have and we also improved the payment page so you can both better see what you're ordering and experience better loading times.

What are we currently working on?

In-dept customer interviews to improve word of mouth - Complete Foods is something many people could benefit from, but not that many people know about. A great part of our new customers gets to know Queal through the word of others, offline as well as via online channels. They decide to take the leap and try these products themselves because they heard or saw others benefit from it.

Because we're curious about this process and are wondering if we as a brand could make it even easier to talk about Complete Foods, we're currently sending out invites for customer interviews. The main focus of this interview is to investigate your Complete Food mindset, our position in the market and well... the word of mouth. All so that we can formulate clear future improvements.

If you haven't received an invite, but like to participate in our research: you're more than welcome! You can schedule a 30-minute call here.

Vegan Dark Chocolate bar- We’re currently making the last edits on our newly designed Dark Chocolate GO bar. The new bar is completely vegan and the packaging will fit into the rebranded STEADY pouches and READY cup designs.

What are our future plans?

Run another social campaign - Once #quickie has come to an end we will go back to the drawing table to work out another big promotional campaign. This time, we will not focus on attracting new customers but focus on you, our beloved customers, instead. This campaign is meant to put you in the spotlight and make Queal more memorable.

That's it for now! Thank you for reading this post. If you're interested in a broader overview of our improvements so far, please visit our Improvements Timeline.

Queal's Improvements Timeline