The projects we've been working on in June.

July 11th 2019

Next to experiencing a true heatwave here in the Netherlands, temperatures at the Queal HQ rose too as we worked very hard on a couple of nice projects. June was - among other things - the month of introducing our brand new Transparency Hub, starting the Limited Edition Design Contest and, unfortunately, we had some hiccups when it comes to the production of our bars.

What did we do last month?

Updating the Transparency Hub - We’ve been working hard for weeks to get the Transparency Hub up and running and this month we’ve added the first new topics and customer entries to the page. This hub is, like a hub should be, an effective centre of Queal-related activities. A place where we provide more insight into our (production) chain and where you can read all about packaging, Queal use, ingredients, production, and distribution. To make this place interactive too, it’s even possible to submit your own questions! In case there’s something you want to know, and we’re not giving an answer to that question yet, you just fill in whatever you want to ask us and we will give a public answer to that in case we think it’s a relevant contribution to this page.

Limited Edition Design Contest - Part of the Transparency Hub is the Limited Edition Design Contest. A select few lucky Quealers have received a golden ticket in their package with a unique code to enter this contest. The idea is that these customers may let there creativity flow to enter the best Limited Edition flavour suggestion ever! Until July 14th it is possible to vote for these entries and the top 3 will actually be developed in collaboration with the idea owner. The current results are as follows; Glorious Ginger vs. Lovely Lemon cheesecake is on the 1st place, closely followed by Crème Brûleée and Pure Passion. But, the game is not over yet! Head over to the Transparency Hub to vote for your favourite and Delicious Doughnut, Strawberry Colada, Peach Party, Rhubarb and Custard, Honey and Rum, Refreshing Rhubarb, Crazy Cuberdon, Heavenly Hummus, Mulled Wine or Supersweet Cinnamon Apple might end top three in the end!

Dark Chocolate GO bars delayed - June also should have been the month where we finally produced new Dark Chocolate GO bars. Unfortunately, after months of working with our external production partner on these bars, and receiving assurances production was on schedule, we have now heard that the bars won’t be produced at all. We have decided to bring production of the bars over to our powder production facility. Although this will mean another delay in the release of the improved bars, we are confident this change will allow us to produce an even more delicious and complete dark chocolate vegan bar. We’ll keep you posted.

Explainer videos - Also as part of the Transparency Hub we’ve made some short explainer how to prepare our meals. You can find them over at our YouTube channel and, in case you’re lucky and participating in our current A/B test, also on the specific product pages. In the next month more videos will be published!tion to this problem too.

What are we currently working on?

New dashboard BETA - We’ve been working on a new dashboard and we’d be happy if you, as our customer, want to try it out and provide us with feedback. Head over to log in at and click the top bar to enter the new beta dashboard. You’ll be automatically redirected to the newest version. What to expect? First of all, the dashboard will have a totally different look, feel, and user experience. The menu bar of the left is now on top and you can easily switch between these pages. In this way, the website is designed the way we can integrate it as a web app as well. How cool is that! In a few weeks time, your Queal dashboard is just ‘one tap away’! More information about the new features can be found in this thread on our forum.

Product Pilot - A while ago we announced that we’ve got some interesting new product ideas and that we’d like to launch these ideas among some lucky customers first. Currently we’re testing and tweaking one of these ideas - which we’ll keep secret for a little longer - and we’re definitely excited about this first test run! More on this ‘project X’ will follow soon.

Gifts Update - Parallel to the dashboard developments the gift system will also be updated! We’re changing the way you can “pay” with your Queal points to claim your gift and also all sorts of new gifts will be added in the near future.

What are our future plans?

Besides the project mentioned above there a no big future plans on the Queal HQ agenda. We hope you’re excited for all the things to come and we will keep you informed about the developments that we are going through.

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