What we've been working on this May.

June 8th 2019

Most of our time in May was spent on the preparations for our new Transparency Hub. Beside this, though, we’ve worked on making new videos for our YouTube channel, launched the Limited Edition contest and started sending out golden tickets. Also, we’ve been busy with improving our medium boxes. Curious about these topics? Then read on and discover what our May was all about.

What did we do last month?

Creating the Transparency Hub - It might have caught your attention already: our new Transparency Hub is live! So, what is this hub? It’s a page dedicated to Q&A’s, blogs, and interesting facts about our ingredients, production processes, packaging, distribution and general Queal use. It’s a place where we want to give you answers to all your questions. In case you have a question that is still unanswered, please send it in! We will handle these questions personally and share them on the page when we think they're useful for other Quealers (to-be) to see. In this way, we will keep improving and expanding the hub and make the most informative page about Queal, ever!

Develop your own Limited Edition - Another part featured on the Transparency Hub is the Limited Edition contest + timeline. Among all orders in the first two weeks of June, 50 lucky Quealers will receive a golden ticket. If you are one of the chosen ones, you get the chance to develop your own Limited Edition. Golden Ticket receivers can enter their flavour choice and name until the 30th of June. After that, all Quealers get the chance to vote for their favourites! Have a look at this page for the total overview of the campaign. So far, tickets have been sent out to six different countries!

Mighty Mango and Sweet Potato - A vegan Limited Edition is here! Mighty Mango and Sweet Potato has been around for a while now and we’re curious to hear if you’ve tried it already. Let us know your opinion on this surprising flavour on the forum!

Sturdier medium boxes - We recently started sending out sturdier medium boxes because the earlier ones seemed to be slightly too weak for their content. We hope that this move will solve a lot of shipping troubles. Also, we received some complaints about the big boxes with a similar issue. Specifically, for the ones who’ve chosen for the NYR package, the shipments get really big and heavy. We will soon be consulting with our box supplier and hope to find a solution to this problem too.

New YouTube videos and a Pinterest Account - Have you seen our new YouTube videos yet? We made some easy to consume, and pretty understandable, product-preparation videos. Curious to see? Follow this link to the playlist. Speaking of new social channels: as we’d like to reach some new (possible) Quealers, we’ve recently decided to start a Pinterest channel too!

CIC Wellable Challenge - Practice what you preach, right? At least, that’s what we think! Like last year, CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) was globally involved in the CIC Wellable Challenge. Wellable provides wellness technology and services. The contest was meant to encourage the CIC community to have a positive impact on the world. A contest whereby steps, re-using plastic bottles, exercising and many more were the incentive to collect points. We’re thrilled that we ended up with the highest company average in Rotterdam and that CIC Rotterdam was the winner of all CIC's worldwide.

What are we currently working on?

Multiple projects we mentioned earlier are near its completion. The new Dark Chocolate Go Bar, ambassador packages and the new Queal User Dashboard are on their way!

Want to stay up-to-date when it comes to all of our improvements? Or are you curious to see what our past months and years were all about? We constantly update our Improvements Timeline, have a look!.

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