Queal Ready is now available!

December 20th 2018

After a successful period of pre-orders, and an amazing Ready Ride this morning, we're happy to announce that Ready “Berry Good” and “Carrot Break” are now both available in our webshop!

A little throwback on our own Ready Ride

We started communicating about Ready’s coming a few months ago but called it by the name of Instant Oats back then. After launching the news about the development of this newest product innovation, we started a beta-test with some of our most loyal customers. Then, with their opinions and suggestions, we formed the final version of our “Berry Good” recipe. And at this point, we secretly decided to already set the recipe for a second flavour option too.

This second flavour would be released if we’d reach the goal of “5.000 meals sold” in the pre-order period. And we did, after 12 days the flavour of Carrot Break” was unlocked“.

The actual Ready Ride

The chance to claim a discounted offer of Ready with pre-ordering ended, and so production started. In this time, we also worked on our offline launch of Ready: the Ready Ride.

Today, this Ready Ride took place. Early in the morning, we drove through Rotterdam city in a branded tram and handed out free, warm cups of Ready oats while bringing people to work, school etc. We’ve had a blast, thank you to everyone who participated.

We hope Ready will be a great, warm alternative if you were previously used to nutritionally complete shakes and bars, or that it will help you get introduced to the concept of complete foods in an easier and more low-threshold way.

Order Queal Ready now!