Let us present you: the 3 winners of the Limited Edition Design Contest!

July 16th 2019

Yesterday we announced the three winners of our Limited Edition Design Contest: Peach Party, Pure Passion and Glorious Ginger vs. Lovely Lemon. The creators of these awesome flavour ideas have already been contacted, and know which steps are part of this exciting process of development.

With each of these steps, we will be sure to document here on the Transparency Hub. Nevertheless, we’d first like to tell you a bit more about what is to come, so that not only the winners but you too will know what to expect.

Check out the current status of this contest

From now on, the first step in the process of developing these awesome Limited Editions is to discuss the opportunities with our food scientist and develop a first set of samples.

These samples will then be sent to the developers, so that they can test them out. They will give us feedback.

Optionally, depending on the feedback. We create a second round of samples.

Then, after the decision has been made, we’ll save the final recipe.

When all three recipes are set, we will start the production. From here on, every step will be the same as with the production of our regular Limited Editions.

The three contest-winning flavours will eventually be sold in one package.

Curious to see what the Limited Edition development process looks like? We've explained it all in this blog.

Check out the winning flavours