It's time to vote!

June 30th 2019

The next step in our Limited Edition design contest is here: the voting! Grab your chance now and tell us which of the amazing flavours you’d like to see introduced.

The golden tickets.

In the past 4 weeks, we’ve sent out a select few golden tickets and received 13 delicious flavour suggestions. We are not going to reveal all of them here, but what do you think of Delicious Doughnut and Peach Party? Sounds amazing, right? Make sure to vote yourself, and ask others to do it too. Non-Quealers can participate in the voting too!

After the 14th of July.

When the ballot boxes have closed, we’ll contact the 3 masterminds behind the winning flavours. In close collaboration with them, we’ll start with developing their flavour ideas real-time. We’ll go post about every step of this journey here on the Transparency Hub!