The Ultimate Plant-based Meal Replacements

Eating a healthy diet isn't always easy. Life sometimes gets in the way and time for cooking isn't always available. That's where plant-based meal replacements come in handy. They allow us to get all the nutrients we want, without taking up any of that precious time. Here are our ultimate plant-based meal replacement recommendations.

Time to go plant-based!

There can be many reasons for wanting to eat more plant-based meals. For one it's better for the environment, CO2 emissions, land-use, and food miles are almost always lower than meat-based eating. Eating vegan (and to a lesser degree, vegetarian) is the only way to prevent animal suffering and is a way to have a large positive impact on the world.

Eating plant-based meals also has great health benefits. Many studies link eating more vegetables, legumes, and grains to positive health outcomes. While it isn't true that eating meat equates the same risk of cancer as smoking, eating more plant-based meals have been shown to possibly increase life-span. And who doesn't want to live a long and prosperous life.

Plant-based Complete Food Shakes

Complete Food shakes are the culmination of a few different food trends. The first is that we want to eat healthier, Complete Food shakes contain a healthy mix of different macro- and micro-nutrients. The second is that we want to eat quicker, both quicker meals and more convenient delivery. And third, we want to eat more sustainable, Complete Foods reduce food miles and are based on a 0% waste principle.

There are two options when considering plant-based meal shakes, 1) making it yourself (DIY), or 2) buying from a reputable source. The pro's of making it yourself is that you are in complete control of what goes into your plant-based meal replacement. If you have any allergies this may be the very best option. At the same time, it will be difficult to get the mix quite right. And of course this will take some of that time you were trying to save.

The other option is to buy complete plant-based meal replacement shakes. Most, if not all, of the only shops have based these shakes around being complete. This means that you not only get carbs, fats, and proteins, but also all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Between producers there are differences in flavours, ingredients, and balance between the macro-nutrients.

Queal Vegan

Queal Vegan is our completely Vegan line-up of Complete Food shakes. They are made with whole grain oats, soy flour, isomaltulose and maltodexrin, vegetable oils (sunflower & linseed), and of course pea and brown rice protein. Each shake is a complete meal that will fit perfectly into a plant-based diet.

If you want to have a complete meal in your life that is plant-based, we can't recommend Queal Vegan enough. But of course you can also check out other meals here.