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Queal 5.0 Core Recipe Update

The updates and improvements to our recipe

More fats, slower carbohydrates

Queal 5.0 is the result of months of research, input from the community, and rigorous testing. We will be releasing it first as Limited Edition: Royal Rice Pudding 5.0. This will give you the opportunity to give additional feedback.

The recipe has undergone various changes. The glycemic index is lowered to 50, by making the main sources of carbohydrates an even split between Maltodextrin and Isomaltulose. Counterintuitively, this does mean that there is a higher declaration of sugars in Queal.

The recipe is higher in fats. We believe this is a very good source of energy. With a new coating technique, we are now able to put more fat in Queal. We have also completely eliminated the very small amount of palm fat that remained in Queal 4.0, and replaced it with Sunflower- and Linseed Oil.

The protein still is the high-quality Whey Protein Concentrate you're expecting from us. Three meals provide you with 105g of protein, which is above the Recommended Intake of 0,8g protein per kg of bodyweight, per day.

The final changes concern the micronutrients. We've removed inulin, there is already enough fibre in the ingredients. We're also updating the vitamin & mineral mix, these changes will reflect the 2017 EFSA recommendations.

You can check out the new recipe here.

You can discuss the new recipe on the forum.

What follows is a longer rationale for the changes to the recipe:

Goals: Nutrition & Environment

It has been 1,5 years since we last had our major update to Queal 4.0. Taste and texture were the two things that we most improved on in that version. Today we want to look further. With Queal 5.0 we've focused on nutrition & environment, whilst maintaining our high standards for taste and texture.

As always the EFSA recommendations are our reference values. Here is a summary of what they stipulate:

  • Total carbohydrates between 45 to 60% of calories
  • There is no recommended limit for sugars (see further on)
  • Daily intake of dietary fibre of 25 grams
  • Total fats between 20 to 35% of calories
  • Intake of saturated and trans fats should be limited
  • Daily intake of 250mg omega-3 fatty acids

Queal 5.0 matches these recommendations in the following ways:

  • It has exactly 45% of calories coming from carbohydrates
  • The sugars come primarily from Isomaltulose (see further on)
  • It has 35 grams of fibre
  • It has 32% of calories coming from fats
  • Only 2 gram of saturated and 0,1 gram of trans fat per 100 gram
  • 689mg of omega-3 fatty acids

With regard to the environment, we made two conscious choices. First, we eliminated the palm fat from our creamer. Second, we replaced some proteins with fats.

The offending ingredient, the creamer, only partially consisted of palm fat (and the creamer itself was only 2% of our product). Even though we have certification that it was sourced in a sustainable way, one can never be sure and we feel more secure by removing it from our recipe. Now that we have found a way to retain the delicious creamy sense of Queal 4.0 without using Palm Oil, we are confident in replacing it with Sunflower Oil.

The proteins have been slightly lowered for nutritional considerations (see further on). But also from an environmental perspective, it's better to keep animals out of the loop. Whey Protein is only a byproduct of the cheese-making process. But still, it's not as sustainable as getting nutrients straight from the source. And that is what we try and do with all other ingredients, which are plant-based.
For those that don't want Whey Protein at all, we just launched Queal Vegan!

We believe that Queal 5.0 is now more sustainable and nutritious than ever before.

Deep dive into the nutritional values

Fat - 35% of calories

The fats in Queal 5.0 come from (most-to-least): Sunflower Oil, Whole Grain Oat Flour, Soy Flour, Linseed Oil, Whey Protein.

We've chosen to increase the total amount of fat (from 10,4g to 14,9g per 100g) whilst also being able to lower the total amount of saturated fats (from 2,9g to 2,0g per 100g). This was made possible due to new techniques in mixing/coating and by choosing to use only Sunflower- and Linseed Oil.

This also has the benefit of adding significantly to the total amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Carbohydrates - 45% of calories

The carbohydrates in Queal 5.0 come from (most-to-least): Whole Grain Oat Flour, Isomaltulose, Maltodextrin, Soy Flour, Whey Protein.

The total amount of carbohydrates is almost the same as before (from 44,7g to 47,5g per 100g). What has changed is where a lot of these carbohydrates come from. Where first just over half came from Maltodextrin, it has now been lowered to 25%.

The other 25% is from Isomaltulose. Isomaltulose is a disaccharide carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose. It is classified as a sugar (instead of polyols) because of the short-chain structure. It has much lower impact on blood sugar levels than Maltodextrin, and doesn't stimulate the release of insulin. It is also found not to add to tooth decay.

Therefore, the glycemic index of Queal drops from a moderate 65-70 to an even lower 50. This puts Queal 5.0 in the same range as Whole Wheat Bread, Corn Tortillas, and Spaghetti.

The fibre content in Queal is 7 grams (per 100g). This is slightly lower than before (8,4g per 100g). This is achieved by leaving out inulin and a slight increase in total amount of Whole Grain Oat Flour. This has no additional effect on taste or texture, but may help ease new users into using Queal with lowered gastric discomfort.

Protein - 20% of calories

The proteins in Queal 5.0 come from (most-to-least): Whey Protein, Whole Grain Oat Flour, Soy Flour.

The proteins still provide you with a full nutritional profile of amino acids. We've specifically chosen not to use rice protein or pea protein for Queal 5.0 and have made Queal Vegan for anyone who wants to have a vegan variation. Although the taste and quality of Queal Vegan is excellent, we believe in the need for a product with high-quality Whey Protein.

Vitamin and Mineral Mix - 100% of RDI

When we release the 5.0 recipe, after fine-tuning with feedback on the Limited Edition, we will also release our vitamin and mineral mix update. This will mostly concern small optimisation updates, as well as changed to reflect the new EFSA2017 recommendations.

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