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Protein Power!

So, What Exactly Is Protein? A lot has been said about protein and how it affects working out and muscle growth. But what exactly are proteins and what is their role in your body? What role do they play in your diet? And lastly: will our future food be more...

No more calories to count

Meal replacement shakes can help you losing weight because they provide all nutrients you should be consuming in a meal, they are full of protein, they can support you in reducing calorie intake and they're very convenient.  No more calories to count? Last week, evidence-based Authority Nutrition website published...

Protein in Queal

Protein – Why Queal is High in Protein

Why Queal is High in Protein Hello awesome person! Today I’d like to talk about protein. I have received several interesting questions from customers regarding the quantity of protein in Queal, and about its effects on the body. I also want to debunk a myth that...

Heavy Metals

About Heavy Metals

Hey there everyone! As you may or may not have heard, Soylent was in the news last weekend, due to some disconcerting findings regarding heavy metals in their Soylent 1.5 recipe. Levels of Lead and Cadmium much higher than considered "safe" were found in two separate...

Active Lifestyle and Queal

Active Lifestyle and Queal

When we first came up with Queal Athletic, we wanted to offer people something they could easily combine with their active lifestyle. Being physically fit is very important in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and we wanted people to be able to drink a customised...

Forget Whey Shakes Protein Header

Forget Whey shakes, use Queal Athletic instead

Update: Since March 2016 our Active™ version has been renamed (and has an updated recipe) to Queal Athletic   Since the '70s whey protein powders have garnered a continuously rising surge of popularity. This has not been without reason; proteins are great for building muscle. Traditional whey shakes have...