No more calories to count

Meal replacement shakes can help you losing weight because they provide all nutrients you should be consuming in a meal, they are full of protein, they can support you in reducing calorie intake and they’re very convenient. 

No more calories to count?

Last week, evidence-based Authority Nutrition website published an article about how meal replacement shakes could help you out when you want to lose some weight. These shakes were compared with protein shakes and traditional diets. In this blog we will set out the most important findings according to losing weight by using meal replacement shakes like Queal.

Meal replacement shakes are meant to provide all essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep your body in optimal condition. They differ when it comes to the number of calories. Queal has three variations: Lite (595 kcal per meal), Regular (700 kcal per meal) and Athletic (767 kcal per meal). Our powder contains the right amount of fibres, vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats and protein. It’s a convenient way to stay (or get) healthy. Based on the article of Authority Nutrition, we can show you why Queal will assist you when you want to lose some weight.

No more unhealthy meals
Because Queal is a very convenient product, which you easily prepare in three steps, it can be a fast alternative instead of preparing healthy meals. Taking Queal with you wherever you go, might help you resist other (unhealthy) alternatives or the temptation to indulge in unhealthy snacks.

Beneficial nutrients
Authority Nutrition mentions that most meal replacement shakes are full of sugar, refined carbs, and artificial ingredients in addition to lacking beneficial nutrients. Because of the fact that artificial vitamins will adapt less easily to your body than natural ones, Queal contains a bigger amount of these vitamins to complement the difference. The amount of sugar in Queal isn’t as high they suggest; 4,5gr/100gr, which is very good.

All needed nutrients included
When you want to cut back on calories, it might be hard to find a diet that contains all needed nutrients. Meal replacement shakes like Queal are engineered to provide you all the nutrients you should take in a day. The best meal replacements contain protein, fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. We’ve included it all.

Counting calories can be difficult, sticking to a low-calorie diet even more. When you use Queal in your daily routine, you don’t have to be constantly aware of what you’re eating. Besides, because of the high amount of fibres you’ll feel full for 4 hours after finishing your Queal-shake. Several studies suggest that replacing one or two meals a day will have a positive effect on the speed of weight loss. Remember Queal’s not a slimming product for constantly losing weight. But it will surely help you to have a constant calorie intake on long-term. Sure, some intrinsic motivation will be needed to guide you through.

Is there a downside?
Authority Nutrition believes that not every meal replacement shake will be a long-term solution. Their main motivation to say so is that some shakes do not contain enough of all the nutrients. To give an advice, they have made an overview of the necessary amount of nutrients in meal replacement products. This table gives some more information about the rates. The amount of nutrients in Queal is also given (based on Lite, Standard, and Athletic).

Advice (per serving)

  • > 15 grams of protein
  • > 3 grams of fibre
  • < 10 grams of sugar
  • No corn syrup
  • No hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • At least 33% of the Daily Value for vitamins and minerals


Queal Lite Standard Athletic
Protein 41,3 g 49,2 g 60,2 g
Fibre 11,6 g 14,4 g 13,2 g
Sugar 6,9 g 8,3 g 8,5 g
Vitamins and minerals 33% 33% 33%
Corn Syrup We use a tiny amount of this to sweeten Queal.
Hydrogenated vegetable oils There are virtually no (partially) hydrogenated fats in Queal. *


*Queal uses (partially) hydrogenated fats to make the shakes more tasty and smooth. There’s 0.18 g of (partially) hydrogenated fats per serving. 3 gram is the maximum amount to consume without a negative measurable effect on human bodies.

The foregoing table explains that Queal satisfies the recommended amount of nutrients according to Authority Nutrition. You can follow this link to the original article and sources. If you’re considering to switch to a meal replacement shake to make it easier to keep an eye on your calorie intake, we’ll be pleased to answer some questions if needed.

If you’re considering to switch to a meal replacement shake to make it easier to keep an eye on your calorie intake, keep this advantages in mind: meal replacement shakes like Queal are engineered to be complete. This means you only have to sort out how many calories you need/want, we provide you a healthy meal. Due to the high satiation level, avoiding unhealthy distractions will be a lot easier.

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