Tasting the winning Limited Edition ideas.

August 12th 2019

In our last blog post about the Limited Edition Design Contest, we've mentioned the steps we were planning to take. Today, we wanted to quickly update about the sample-tasting step.

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So, since it was clear which of all the amazing entries won, we've started discussing the opportunities with our food scientist. The topics we've discussed were - for example - the different types of natural food flavouring we could use and their doses.

Just like with the "regular process" of our Limited Editions, our food scientist creates a few different samples. What was different this time, though, was that not our opinion, but those of the winners is what counts.

So, we've made sure that the samples were sent their way and patiently waited for their feedback. In the meantime, we've tested the samples at the office too. Now that we've received most feedback, we'll ask our food scientist to make some final changes or additions. The next step will the final approval of all three winners, we'll keep you posted!

Curious to see what the Limited Edition development process looks like? We've explained it all in this blog.

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