Queal Ready is now available for pre-order!

November 8th 2018

We’re proud to announce the world’s first nutritionally complete instant oat meal, Queal Ready! Pre-orders for this amazing new product are now available. Go enjoy a great discount, be among the first to try it and help us launch with not one but two flavours!

For those who remember the beta test we ran some time ago, or even participated: We used the feedback provided there to make some final changes to the recipe and now Ready Berry Good is ready for pre-order :)

Pre-order Ready now

What is Ready?

Ready is oatmeal the Queal way. Which means, we've turned oatmeal into a true oat meal. Ready is "chewable" and can be enjoyed hot, which means it a great addition to our current product line-up of Steady shakes, Go bars and the Flow nootropic.

Also, Queal Ready is:

  • 100% vegan
  • Easy to prepare
  • High in plant-based protein (26,6/100g)
  • A source of fibre (6,6/100g)
  • Low in saturated fats (only 1,4/100g)

Ready will be available in both single serve cups (100g) and bulk packaging bags (10 meals).

Please find the nutritional label of Ready here.

Why should I pre-order?

Backing this product with your pre-order would be a win-win situation. Why? Well… first of all: backers will enjoy some great offers. What about 45% off? With ordering Ready now, not only will you be among the first people in the WORLD consuming complete foods in a hot & chewable form, you will also enjoy it (a lot) cheaper!

Also, “Berry Good” is our first flavour, but if we reach the goal of 5.000 meals pre-sold we will immediately launch with two flavours.

Last but not least, 10.000 meals pre-sold means that every backer gets a free single serve cup of Ready extra.

Ready Berry Good’s pre-order will run from today up until the 29th of November. We plan on shipping to the first backers mid-December.

Pre-order Ready now