Huel V3.0 and Queal Steady Vegan.

Proteins compared.

Huel V3.0 vs Queal Steady Vegan.

So you’re on the quest for (vegan) quick and complete meals and found that both Huel - a UK-based company - and we from Queal - based in the Netherlands - offer fully plant-based shake powders.

From the outside, both companies seem to have many things in common. Huel as well as Queal offer starter packages of meal replacement shakes, and both add free goodies to your first order. Here at Queal we’ll make sure your package will arrive as quickly as possible, but - of course - Huel has the same mission.

In the first place you’ll be absolutely fine with Huel products as well as with ours. The real competitor for us both are quick meals that aren’t healthy: fast foods and other greasy, sugary stuff you can grab in supermarkets and to-go shops nowadays.

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# Huel V3.0 Queal Steady Vegan
Portion size/kcal 125 grams (500 kcal) 165 grams (700 kcal)
Protein content per 100g 29g 18,7g
Sources of protein Pea, Rice, Oats & Flaxseeds Pea, Rice, Oats & Soy
All essential amino acids Check! Check!

General comparison of Huel and Queal.

Now, what’s the real difference? Which meal replacement shake is the best to choose? For this little article, we’ll be focussing on the differences in proteins. For a broader comparison of Queal and Huel meals, please visit this article.

Queal Huel proteins comparison

Huel's sources of protein.

Based on the v3.0 recipe of Huel’s vanilla powder the proteins used are coming from peas, rice, oats and flax seeds.

Click here for a look at the nutritional label of Huel V3.0.

Queal's sources op protein.

Our current, vegan 5.0 recipe’s protein is coming from peas, rice, soy and oats. We do offer a non-vegan version as well. Here the protein comes from whey, soy and oats.

This page will show you the nutritional label of Queal Steady Vegan.

What about the essential Amino Acids?

For both Huel’s V3.0’s and Queal’s Vegan recipes, a mix of different plant based sources of proteins is made to ensure a full profile of essential amino acids, the parts of protein that are responsible for building muscles and repairing your tissue. Generally speaking, kinds of animal based proteins such as meat, dairy and eggs contain more amino acids than plant based ones and that’s why to make a meal complete, a bit of mixing and matching has to be done.

Which one has more proteins?

In very short, Huel contains significantly more protein. If you’d live of Huel’s V3.0 powder and your intake is 2000kcal per day, you would get in 145,5 grams of plant based protein whereas that would be 88 grams if you’d choose our Steady Vegan powder.

However though, if you’re moderately active the most recent EFSA guidelines state that 0,83 grams of protein per kilo body weight is more than enough. For a person weighing 80 kilograms, a whole day of Steady Vegan (which is 2100 kcal in total) would deliver 92,7 grams of protein, that’s already 138% of the recommendations.

With our 5.0 recipe update we consciously choose to follow these average guidelines as we believe our product should be accessible for everyone. You can always adjust our shakes to your personal preferences, for example by adding plant based protein powder or a banana. And if you’re a vegetarian or omnivore, we also have our Athletic variation of Steady containing more protein.

So that’s just a really quick comparison between the proteins in Huel’s and Queal’s vegan powders. Hope it helped you to make a choice! If you have any questions left, we’re always here to answer them! Just reach out via email!

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