Pricing Update Queal.

March 13th 2020

After having the same price for our products for the last 3 years, we're adjusting them today to reflect a few changes. It pains us that the prices have to be raised, but we do recognize that in this way we can keep on providing complete meals, at a still very competitive price, far into the future.

The product prices will go up less than 15%.
We will remain one of the lowest priced brands in the industry.

The main reasons for raising the price are (in order of significance):

  1. significantly increased shipping costs across the world
  2. higher production costs
  3. higher tax rates

This pricing update has been in the works since the first week of January, after analysing our 2019 financial year.

We are aware that the timing of this announcement is unfortunate at best, and suspicious at worst. We hope our previous track record with regards to transparency gives us the benefit of the doubt.


The price of shipping has been steadily increasing over the last few years and that has not been reflected in the shipping costs we offer you. We 'sponsor' a part of the shipping costs (i.e. it's baked into the product price), but that part has grown significantly.

To keep our company healthy, and be transparent about our costs, scroll further down to find the new shipping rates and the new product prices.

Production Costs.

The price of ingredients (especially proteins) has risen significantly in the past few years. A more unsure world market, as well as general inflation, is to blame.

Inflation has also affected salaries, and other production costs have gone up slightly too. All that needs to be taken into account.

Tax Rate.

The tax rate from where we ship and that we charge our EU customers (BTW/VAT), has changed last year from 6% to 9%. The 3% difference has not been reflected in the price up to this day, but was a loss we were taking.

New Product Prices.

Product Normal Price Subscription Price
Ready (4000kcal) €22,50 €20,-
Steady Standard (2100kcal) €8,- €7,-
Steady Vegan (2100kcal) €8,50 €7,50
Steady Athletic (2300kcal) €9,50 €8,50
Go (±200kcal) €1,70 €1,50
Flow (30 servings) €45,- (no change) €38,- (no change)

New Shipping Prices.

Shipping price changes depend a lot on the country. Some times this means a (significant) increase in price, other times the price might have gone down slightly. For most European countries the prices should be only slightly higher than before. As a general rule of thumb, the further away your are from us (NL), the bigger the price increase. Please search for your country below to see the updated shipping prices for your country.

Subscriptions Grandfathering.

If you have a running subscription, nothing changes when you keep the subscription running without changes to its content (this is also called grandfathering). The product price, as well as shipping price, will stay the same.

When you update the contents of the subscription, the subscription total will automatically update to reflect the new prices.

Queal vs. Other Complete Meals.

The price of Queal has stayed the same over many years whilst our competitors were already charging a higher price. We would hope there are many more reasons besides the price of Queal why you would choose us over a competitor. It might be the awesome flavours, diverse offering, or quick customer service. But below we've compared the new prices of our shakes to those of some competitors to put it in perspective.

Compare competitors
Product Type Huel Feed JimmyJoy Mana Soylent Queal
Powder (per 400kcal) €2,03 €2,34 €1,40 €1,57 €1,59 €1,52
Powder (per 400kcal subscription price) €1,82 €2,34 €1,19 €1,57 €1,35 €1,33

Any Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

You can email us at [email protected].