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The Three Limited Editions from the contest!

14th October 2019

The three Limited Editions that were made by you are now available. Get them in a package or add a few to your order.

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This is what we improved in August.

5th September 2019

We've launched the Nuts & Apricot bar last month. The new Limited Editions have been tested by the winners. And a new gift system is around the corner.

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A mocktail as a meal: Piña Colada Paradise is here!

16th August 2019

If you like Piña Colada... Well, then this new Limited Edition is the one for you! A creamy coconutty base and hints of juicy pineapple, yum!

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Tasting the winning Limited Edition ideas.

12th August 2019

In our last blog post about the Limited Edition Design Contest, we've mentioned the steps we were planning to take. Today, we wanted to quickly update about the sample-tasting step. If you're curious about how this works, then make sure to read on!

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The things that kept us busy in July.

8th August 2019

We’re currently in the middle of the Limited Edition contest whereby the ‘brains’ behind Pure Passion, Peach Party and Glorious Ginger vs. Lovely Lemon Cheesecake received the first samples of their Limited Edition flavours. Also, all preparations for the new Nuts & … bar have been made, and we had the opportunity to speak on a Vegan Gamechangers Event!

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