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We've met 5 vegan gamechangers.

30th July 2019

About three weeks ago, we’ve attended one of the events of the Vegan Entrepreneurs network of The Netherlands. We really wanted to go here to see and hear about the new vegan-minded concept (-ideas) but were enthusiastic to tell about our own product innovation READY as well. Next to 6 short pitches, of which we were one, we’ve all enjoyed a very delicious plant-based dinner, speed-dated with other entrepreneurs and listened to an interesting presentation of Jeroen Willemsen about plant proteins. Because we really enjoyed this evening and were super inspired by the other pitchers we thought of telling you about their amazing concepts in this month’s inspirations post.

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Reducing CO2 emissions by consuming our extremely efficient meals.

25th July 2019

You probably heard of CO2 emission and the greenhouse effect, a serious threat when it comes to the (near) future. We simply cannot wait to start reducing our emissions and fight climate change. To do so, you as an individual can have an important role in turning the tide. One of the things you can do to make a difference is having a closer look at your diet. Food production and food waste can have a big negative impact on the environment and in this context, consuming Queal meals are way more efficient and help reduce CO2 emissions of food. Learn more about why this is important and what we (and you!) have accomplished so far in this newest Impacts blog post.

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What's up with the packaging of Queal?

5th July 2019

Nowadays, packaging is a hot topic. To be precise, no one can’t stop talking about it. More than ever the sustainability and recyclability of packaging are found important and we ourselves at Queal are totally aware of this. Learn how our packaging is made.

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How buying Queal is better than other fast foods.

24th June 2019

Queal was founded with the mission of making quick and complete meals. Many meals that are available are either fast to make or healthy to eat. In this blog, we compare the costs, both money and time, of Queal to three other options. We take a look at a quick homemade meal, eating out, and a large breakfast.

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Ohoo makes packaging dissapear, litter-ally.

18th June 2019

Would it be possible to create a new kind of plastic? A non-polluting, natural material that we can start using in the exact same way? Well, that’s what Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier asked themselves back in 2013. And now - just 6 years later - their environmentally friendly, fully compostable and even edible material replaced the regular plastic water bottles for 40.000 runners at the London Marathon. How cool! Skipping Rocks Lab - the company behind Ooho - definitely deserves to be written about in this Inspirations blog post.

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