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Introducing the Queal Ambassador Package

15th July 2019

Some time ago, we've scheduled calls with a couple of our amazing customers to ask about their experiences when it comes to talking about Queal. We really appreciate our customer's opinions and figured we would like to support your willingness to share about Queal to the max. With these insights, we've created the Queal Ambassador Package. Read on to discover what it is and how you can get it!

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How and why other people use Queal.

6th June 2019

Wondering what kind of people use our quick and complete meals, and how? For this blog post, we’ve gathered testimonials, messages and forum posts from people who all use Queal in a different way. From a simple and easy dinner on days you're working late to a complete and nutritious meal solution after dental surgery. And from only using our STEADY shakes to switching up different products or mixing different flavours. Go discover it now!

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Complete Food Survey 2018: the results are here!

5th October 2018

From the 19th until the 30th of September 2018, we ran the Complete Food Survey of 2018. Along with 13 other companies in the industry, we’ve gathered and analyzed opinions likes and dislike from current customers to be able to generate insights and serve them better in the future. Today, we’ve published this year’s results. Curious? Read on!

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